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In Defense of Dolls

A few days ago, my Facebook home page became overwhelmed with enthusiastic support for the Goldieblox ad. As a long-running feminist seeking to have gender stereotypes quashed, I was excited to see some not-so-usual suspects expressing glee over this development and video. So, I watched it, fairly certain that despite being the proverbial choir, I would still be excited about it. And I was… until I heard the line that turned my stomach: “We wanna use our brains!” Continue reading


What’s so funny?
June 5, 2012, 9:40 pm
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Part of my boredom could also be the result of my clearly having been made redundant. I used to be the source of all laughter. No longer, my friends. No longer. Oh, and wait for the last few seconds of the video for a little peek into another regular part of my day.