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Unexpected Similarities
November 12, 2014, 7:45 am
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Tb and I spent the day with (Great, to her) Nanny yesterday. Tb is now three, (Great) Nanny is now ninety. Woah on both fronts.

It’s always a far more pleasant experience to visit the Lord Lansdowne with only one twin, particularly the one who feels she’s an adult rather than a monkey seemingly on speed. (Guess which one is more fun at the park or out for a hike?) So, we were able to spend awhile together today, just the three of us.

I teared up watching them chat at their Kettleman’s table while I ordered our bagel delights. I love that I can leave them alone together while I run off to get something (read: go to the bathroom). We all excitedly watched the jets fly over the building after they passed over the Cenotaph and my grandmother talked about the war years.

As the morning, and then the afternoon, wore on, certain similarities between my companions could no longer escape my awareness.

  • Speed of getting from point A to B (spoiler alert: the speed is that which requires me to re-assess my own natural pace and allows me to take some (a lot of) time to re-assess whether I really need to always move as fast as I do – I decline to note the answer to that reflection)
  • Interest in abiding by the unwritten (probably written, let’s be honest) rules around Moments of SILENCE (As in, no interest. At all.)
  • Neither require my help, for anything. Apparently.
  • Neither are particularly interested in small talk, which works well for me as then I get to small talk for three!
  • Speed of eating one bagel, or 4/5 of a bagel (pic below is approximately 45 minutes since we’d arrived)Kettleman's
  • Both get very excited about new walkers, as discovered after the original broke while at lunch and required being replaced in a hurry. This is J “surprising” Nanny with her new walker, which she only gave up upon securing the old (broken) one, now in our trunk)

Nanny's New Walker

 What a lovely (and ridiculous) day.


Gelato & Beer
August 8, 2007, 5:45 am
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Last night, I made my best friend’s husband’s dream come true.

I shouldn’t take all the credit though. My husband helped too. Well, so did she. It was a full three-pack support effort.

Luckily, his wildest fantasies are food- and beverage-based.

E and T are visiting from England and T was recalling his short-lived residence in Ottawa as a time of, well… poverty. He spent yesterday eve reflecting on the dire financial straits that they endured while they lived here and specifically the one weekly dilemma that used to pain him. Every Wednesday he had to choose between a pint and a gelato. Being the good Englishman that he is, he went for the pint… every time. One can only imagine his longing glance into Pure Gelato on his way home every Wednesday.

So, after dinner at Oz Kafe last night we went to Woody’s for a pint (ok, maybe that should be plural) and then for gelato. When I say gelato, it’s best to get a vision in your head of the magnitude of gelato that the boys went for. We’re talking GELATO. The waffle cone filled with four flavours that took them the entire length of the 15 minute walk home to consume.

I was a bit sad to find out that he had faced this weekly dilemma unbeknownst to us, as surely we would have been happy to treat. When I expressed this last night on the walk home though, T looked at me, ice cream smeared across his gigantic grin, and said “and take away from the joy of this moment?! Never!”

Vendredation Day
June 29, 2007, 6:09 am
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I am no longer a Dairy Queen virgin. My world will never, ever be the same.

After volleyball on Wednesday, I followed my teammates (well, I’d like to think I was invited, but you know…) to their favourite ice cream shop. I solicited their advice before ordering because the choices were truly overwhelming. With their support, I ordered the Reese Peanut Butter Blizzard. I don’t remember much after that – except for some hysteric giggling and heart racing and then I think I went into a coma. I know for certain that I wanted to cry on the rest of the bike ride home.  It’s a pity they’re at least 600 calories for a small, but I can see them substituting dinner at least a few times over the summer. 

Now over to the best news I’ve had in ages

I wrote this over a year ago – note the sign off. And now, my wish, first made the day Ginger left the “band”,  is coming true. Pray goddess that somehow, some way I can get tickets and find someone to go with. Husband brought it to my attention yesterday that perhaps I need not stress too much about ticket availability as the rest of the world may not be as keen as I am to get to one of the reunion shows, which heartens me.

My recommendation this weekend: Watch Spice World. Love it – such a throwback to the Monkees-era schtick with Thames-based hijinx, crazy costumes and Alan Cumming. And for all you music snobs still out there who are judging me for my love of all thoughtless, fluffy things Spice Girl, chew on this: Elvis Costello was in the flick.

In addition to Spice World, I plan to check out the new Lebreton Flats stage for Opera Under the Stars tonight, check out at least one but maybe two of the FIFA U-20 games on Saturday and finally, drink sangria in honour of this nation’s birthday. It’s the least I can do.

Enjoy your Canada Day everyone!!

 … sorry … I just had to do it.

Vendredation Day
June 22, 2007, 6:12 am
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Ottawatians (?!) that work in the downtown core like to get all aflutter when a new restaurant opens to satiate their lunch time cravings. One of the newest ones is Go For Sushi, at 234 Queen St.

Love. It.

Firstly, you should know that there is basically no seating so beware when you’re making lunch plans. It’s more of a sushi bar with lots of take-out combos ready for you to grab. If one of those doesn’t suit your fancy, they have a menu with almost 40 options to choose from – all priced reasonably. The ginger and wasabi is fresh and the whole sushi-on-the-go experience is bound to satisfy.

While I don’t think I need to recommend the Fringe again, I will remind everyone that the Dragon Boat Festival is on this weekend at Mooney’s Bay. It’s a great event, even if your first race is at the atrocious hour of 8:30 a.m. We’re Boatylicious, in case you want to come cheer. And if “quality” rowers is what you’re looking for, apparently there’s a whole whack of world-class paddlers descending on the city and according to our Coach last night… lots of ’em are of legal age (unlike the war canoe full of boys we accidentally oggled last night).

Hope to see you out there… but either way, have a great weekend!

Single in the city
June 18, 2007, 1:43 am
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Husband was off to Toronto on Friday evening, after a lovely dinner at Siam Bistro in Westboro, leaving me single for a few days. As usual, the unexplainable mania I feel when he leaves town for a few days led me to be very, very tired by Sunday night. I don’t know why I get that hyper – it’s not as though he in any way hinders my activities when he’s home, so maybe it’s to distract myself until he returns… but that sounds way too lame. Anyway, the hysteria sets in and I’m off to the races with overlapping commitments and barely enough time to do my hair, let alone put on make-up from one activity to the next. Continue reading

May 30, 2007, 6:01 am
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Maybe it was the fifth viewing of I Heart Huckabees last night that jump-started my contemplations of meaningful vs. meaningless coincidences, but I can’t help but wonder about my interaction with coffee yesterday.

First, I blog about my ongoing boycott of Starbucks, which unleashed a bit of a comment frenzy here on FFD – some positive and some not so positive (see the comments to the post below to get the full story-line). Then, upon my long-lost friend Melissa’s arrival for her bi-annual sleepover last night, she presents me with a gift – the finest in fair-trade Nicaraguan coffee from her sometimes-employer, Steamers. She had not read my blog, nor am I known to be a crazy coffee nut, so what on earth possessed her to get me that particular gift?

It’s ’cause we’re all connected. We’re all part of the blanket. And for the record, I know that 95% of the population despises that movie. Keep it to yourselves. I’ll just think less of you if you voice it.

Ongoing Starbucks Boycott
May 29, 2007, 6:28 am
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I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to maintain my Starbucks boycott since Maria sent me an article detailing their unethical participation in fair-trade markets on May 10th. That’s almost 20 days, and a lot of money lost on their part (I’m sure they noticed)!

It was a painful decision because I had just started to really get into their bold coffee after training my palate for months, and as you can imagine, that is not a flavour easily replicated.  Also, I felt guilty and still feel badly for my co-workers who used to enjoy splurging on the occasional ‘bucks instead of the $1 mom-and-pop coffee shop downstairs from our work during our afternoon coffee breaks. As anyone in an office-life can relate to, and anyone not in one can imagine, coffee breaks are key to the bureaucrat’s well-being.

Here’s some more information, in case you’re interested. Looks like Starbucks is also making enemies in Ethiopia.