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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination
November 25, 2013, 7:00 am
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I got this award nomination from one of the most amazingly honest bloggers I follow, Mask No Longer, who blogs about life as an alcohol on the new, and intimidating, road to recovery. The posts are filled with vulnerability, strength, insight and inspiration. So, to say I was honoured when they nominated me would be an understatement. But here it is!

So, part of this honour entails me nominating other bloggers that I find amazing. DONE! Here you go:

1. Snappy Surprise – she’s hilarious. Look for the posts with drawings.

2. People is Place – beautiful writing, also a fan of introspection and challenging yourself to grow and think.

3. It’s Always An Adventure – she’s living my dream, raising two pre/almost/are they?-teen girls in NYC after having lived in Ottawa. Grounded, humble, grateful, AWESOME.

4. My Leap Year – Nadine was a fellow Yoga School colleague who quit her job to follow her dream(s). Her writing is beautifully and bright.

5. Born in My Heart – one of my favourite tweeps, blogging about her journey through public adoption in Canada. Honest and hopeful.

6. Laurel E. Anderson – an Ottawa blogger and tweep around town. Always interesting and not afraid of talking about the big stuff. I like the big stuff.

7. The Cynical Crayon – do tumblr’s count as blogs? They do now! Someone I should have been friends with in High School… because we went to the same High School but were too dumb to realize that we were each awesome.

8. Scorpion Dagger – another tumblr, another High School classmate, but one that was actually a dear friend, and still is (even if we never see each other AND I MISS YOU). When I miss his particular brand of ridiculous, I visit his page (which is a big deal in the .gif world, by the way).

9. Chances Our – Among other things, I have learned about both endometriosis and Yonkers (it’s a real place, people!) from this, one of my favourite tweeps. One day, we will meet and there will be big, BIG hugs.

10. Jen Rutner – Another tweep who is amazingly honest and inspiring about her advocacy work around infertility, endomitriosis, adoption and reproductive rights. Feeling like your feminism needs to get re-inspired? She’s your grrl! (Want to know what your friend going through infertility is feeling, read her “This is More Personal” Section.)

The other part of this game, is saying seven things about myself. As a person with no sense of personal space, nor boundaries, I can’t imagine what I could say that would not already be common knowledge, but here goes:

  1. The name “Fresh Fish” is an indirect reference to my having grown up worshipping my brother, an anthropologist who wanted to talk about Stephen Jay Gould instead of sports.
  2. I still have a scar beside my belly button from when I stupidly got my belly button pierced, leading to a wicked infection and the piercing’s removal six days later. Ew.
  3. In High School, it was common knowledge that my pot belly’s name was “Alice.” There was a song associated with it. I cannot explain how this came about, which is similar to…
  4. … I call my sister “Beepers”. Again, no idea how or when this started. But it’s stuck.
  5. I have not grown out of my love of Big Macs, nor Kraft Dinner.
  6. I love love LOVE knee-high socks.
  7. My dream job would be the Governor General. Or a mascot.

OK… I’m supposed to add more bloggers, I think, and for sure I’m forgetting people, but that’s going to have to do for now because Ms. Fresh Fish needs to get off of the computer.


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Wow, thanks Lori – not only do I love your blog, but I love your awesome self!

Comment by nadinehogan

Thanks again for the blog nod! We should write a joint post. The Cynical Fish or maybe Fish Crayons ? LOL :0)

Comment by Crayon

🙂 Thank you!

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

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