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September 15, 2013, 2:13 pm
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Well my little twinkies, you’re finally two. Or already two. You’re two.

I love it (you can do so much and you’re both so hilarious!). I hate it (I want my babies back). I’m a mess.

We had a serious birthday party for you yesterday. There were banana-shaped loot packages, personalized bunting hanging across the back of the house, carefully colour-coordinated balloon arrangements evenly placed along the perimeter of the backyard, dishes to match carefully coordinated balloons, hired entertainment, way too much food and a delicious theme-appropriate cake. The backyard was teeming with people from near and far who love you. In a nutshell, it was a seriously thought out party. This is important for you to know, because it will most likely never happen again. But we did right for you, if only once. We have the pictures to prove it.

You were both true to form and the way you rolled at your birthday party is not unlike how we find you on most days…

Baby A, you were sensitive at first, clearly overwhelmed by all of the people and needing to hang on to Mommy for awhile. ‘Twas my pleasure, let me assure you. Because I knew that soon enough, you would be off. Off playing with your buddies, running up and down the hill, flirting with everyone (those dimples!!), taking some quiet time out to play with a car on a new surface (Mommy’s yoga mat topper – whaaaat?!?!), and enjoy your cake. Daddy helped you sing along to Priya from Monkey Rock Music, which you totally adored. She sang Mikey-Do for you and even Daddy got a little verklempt.

Second birthday party

2nd birthday party

Baby B, you started posing for photos instantly, ready to go. You mostly just wanted to play with Max, your new “cousin,” for the first bit. You were mostly uninterested in the sing-song and actively resisted my attempts to move your arms and legs along with the music. Eventually you found Nonna to play with so that you only had to half-listen to the music. You had a field day with the cheese, chips and drinks; your love of the buffet is second only to your Dad’s. Thankfully, you mostly played well with the other kids and only had minor tussles with Aubs and Rory… but had you not, we would have been worried about all three of you grrls.

Birthday Monkey

Birthday Monkey

And then you finally got the one thing you wanted for your birthday for the past two weeks: “CAKE!!!!!” (Apparently that’s the only way to say it; incidentally, one of your most perfectly enunciated words.)



And so now you’re two. This means that we have two two-year olds. This terrifies us. With each new day you learn new vocabulary, new abilities, but also new things to defy and new ways to destroy things. So far, aside from the occasional pre-developmental leap nightmare periods, you’re far more hilarious than “terrible.” You make us laugh constantly. Even when you’re misbehaving (generally in the form of running away or climbing up something really high), I usually have to turn my head to get my composure before I can act serious enough to correct you.

...walk, walk, we like to walk...

…walk, walk, we like to walk…

And the love! The love that you two have clearly been thriving on! You need to know that not only did your Nonnis come from Toronto for your birthday, but also your Zia Melissa (left her dancers hangin’- uh oh!), your Zia Dee (just back at work as a JK teacher (!) from her maternity leave!), your Zio (no name needed, you only have one) who is beyond exhausted after a summer of home renovations and cousin Zoe (who, poor thing, got yet another Ottawa-inspired tooth while here). Your Auntie Beep Beep, a regular visitor around here for sure, brought your Great Nanny. Your Great Uncle Kevin came and brought you “BIG… MIKEY”. Nanny is driving here from Toronto as we speak and bringing with her Uncle John and Tia Ana. Almost all of your neighbours were here, who are like older siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents to you – protecting you, patiently playing with you, teasing you, feeding you. Your friends from the original and updated MaMa/MaPa group came out in full force (which is, let me assure you, a whole other blog post).

It’s so important to me that you know and appreciate all of this love. My greatest wish is that you each, in your own unique (ridiculous) ways, grow with this love and learn to live a love-filled and love-giving life. It truly is the difference between a good life and a spectacular life.


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I adore this post. And I adore those twinkies more than I know what to do with. I adore YOU. Aaannnd, I’m basically crying right now.

Happy birthday babies! Everyone loves you and wants you to have fun and happiness for you third year and every year after it. Be gentle on your mom and dad – their love for you is palpable. Xoxo, Snappy and Hubby

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

Thanks Mayayana ❤

Comment by freshfish

Is it okay that I wiping the tears away over here?? Such a beautiful post for two incredible cutie pies that deserve all the love that surrounds them (and you and hubs too!) Good luck tomorrow, you will be awesome and so will your little ones. Sending hugs and love your way!!!!

Comment by Sandra Guirguis

Awww! I’m glad you cried happy (!) tears, and thanks for adding yet another layer of love on top!

Comment by freshfish

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