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Please SMU, react meaningfully…
September 5, 2013, 3:10 pm
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I am not a student at your University, nor have I ever been, and now, quite certainly, I never will be.

And, as of this week, I now hope that my children won’t be. Although, it may be premature for that. Perhaps one day, I will be proud that my children are attending a University that, when faced with the realization that their Frosh week *traditionally* included a chant that encouraged rape, and then subsequently, realized that the President of their Students’ Association was offensively out of touch when they described the boys as otherwise “great leaders”, the administration took charge and made things right.

Perhaps we have a case here of students not yet being mature enough to recognize the severity of both their actions, and reactions. Perhaps it’s time for the “real” adults to stand up and say – hey kids, you’re all out of touch and have no sense of what real consequences are. Students are young these days, and young people are notorious for being fairly short-sighted. And now thrust into the media spotlight? Let’s give them that. Let’s explain to them what’s going on here… in the grand scheme of things.

There are consequences for a mob of people chanting pro-rape verses amongst women who now look around to find themselves surrounded by men indicating their joy at the notion. Ask the local Sexual Assault Support Centre about those consequences. There are consequences to saying ludicrous, excusing things such as “these are great leaders, except for this thing…” Women continue to feel undervalued and, more acutely, in danger. What that response did was minimize the incredible gravity of those words that were chanted. They were chanted to build solidarity, for years, amongst the student body of these notions. This requires a real, meaningful consequence to begin to turn your (busted) ship around.

I find it truly baffling that it has been sung for so long. I went to Carleton circa 2000 and I now appreciate that I would have never heard anything like that. In 2013? Really? And the reaction? It’s almost worse than the act. Truly, there is no real consideration being given to this situation.

It’s shameful.

But! There’s a “but!” There is an opportunity for your University to take this shameful, historical situation and swing the other way – to equality and justice and respect. To make it right. If that happens, I will gladly encourage my children to one day go to your school.


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