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An amateur’s perspective on Ottawa Comic-Con
May 12, 2013, 1:27 pm
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I like to support the growing coolness (my definition, to be sure) of Ottawa. So, what better way to spend this cold, windy Sunday than check out Ottawa Comic-Con?

I set out with so little recon, I should be ashamed of myself. I didn’t know exactly where or what time, but, it’s Ottawa, so that never intimidates me. And it worked out, so I’ve not learned my lesson. This is a shot of my Super Twins waiting to get into the giant line, as we desperately hoped it would quickly evaporate once the doors opened. It did not. (See end of post for hints as to how this did not end up ruining our entire outing, miraculously.)


The event is way bigger than I expected, although I understand from some peeps I chatted with that it’s a relatively small one.


Thanks to today, we have confirmed that these kids love robots. The wild costumes, which were awesome, did nothing for them (perhaps a testament to my wardrobe?). Rather, the entire time, you could hear them both chanting “Do dee Do” after they’d seen one giant Doctor Who thingie.

But, when J locked eyes with R2D2, she lost her mind. No beeping, no movement, just an actual size replica, and she broke out laughing in anticipatory hysteria (that’s not a real state, but it’s all I can think of to describe the type of laughter). Sidebar – look at how freaky her pointy finger is. WEIRD.


I couldn’t help but give all of the very intense, wildly dressed-up teenagers “omgyou’resocute!” smiles, inwardly hoping and praying that my kids go this route as opposed to the La Senza Girl and male equivalent (but if you do, kids, I’ll still love you. I’ll just be really, really disappointed for a few years.) And, clearly, public offices agree with me; I was surprised for only a split second to see some govie booths – including CSIS (Canada’s spy agency) and the Ottawa Library, but then it made sense to my quickly evolving brain. They get it too. These kids are so much more than Freaks (and I use that term endearingly – beautiful freaks). They are smart, creative, literate, bold kids. The kinds of kids that can make amazing adults.

Speaking of my quickly evolving but still untrained brain, I hadn’t even noticed that M pointing up at the ceiling fans repeatedly looked like he was actually *trying* to be Superman. A wiser, been-around-the-block kinda person had to point it out to me. This is him, unable to contain his excitement by standing still anymore and beginning the “It’s a FAN!” flapping. Hopefully you get the idea.


And, while there are no deals to be had at Comic Con, it is a place where you can find some unique pieces (although not nearly enough R2D2!), and below are the ones I couldn’t resist. The Star Trek Book of Opposites and Trekkie onesie are my faves.


We will certainly be back next year, with far more elaborate costumes and timing it properly so that we don’t have to ask the organizers to make an exception to the line-up for us because I had no idea how popular this thing was, nor any clue of its logistics (they were SO nice and accommodating). So, basically, next year we’ll not be going at opening time, but will wait a few hours for when there is almost no line-up (instead of an hour long one), but with all the same creative, friendly, fantastically-costumed vendors and participants. Who’s with me?


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Um, I’d totally stand in line for an hour (and I don’t do lines) just to watch you watch BA and BB enjoy R2D2 and ceiling fans. Am 100% in for next year!

Comment by Amy

Oh yes you are. You’ll LOVE it!! And so will wee Will!

Comment by freshfish

I love this. And I choose to believe he actually *was* being superman.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

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