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Twinkies, v. 1.5
March 15, 2013, 12:14 pm
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As in, 1.5 years old. As in, they’ve been out of my womb for 18 months. I know I’m supposed to say that it feels like yesterday that they were brand new, but I’d be lying. It feels like it’s been, about, I don’t know, say… a year and a half.

This is not to say that we’re not having fun. Oh, we are. I almost peed my pants laughing twice this week. These children are my world, make no mistake (as if you could based on my tweets and FB updates).

They’re both continuing on similar trajectories as they were at the one year point, with a few tweaks:

Baby A, you still mostly love cars and trucks, with the occasional ball to mix things up. You like to play music too. You’re a voracious reader. You point to the birds and stars enthusiastically/aggressively… and you also point to the words, which I think is adorable. We can give you a reference of a page to one of your favourite books and you’ll go find the book and give us the page to which we were referring. You’re silly. Your face is heartbreakingly adorable and you are still in 6-12m pants. Most of your play shows your preference for solo time, unlike…

Baby B – you are an extrovert, constantly wanting to interact. You are the miniature version of me, basically. Sometimes we can trick you into playing Lego or Trains by yourself, but otherwise, a movie (The Lion King, Lady and The Tramp (Woo Woo), or Cry Baby (fine, Mommy’s choice)) is our only way to make you dinner or get anything done. You’ve figured out how to lie, which is, at this point in the game, super adorable mostly because you’re terrible at it. When Joni Mitchell’s “Carey” or Mumford & Son’s “I Will Wait” end, you ask for them again by shaking your hips. You’ve got more personality than we know what to do with. You crack us up.

As a parent, I’ve established a formula to guide me through tough decisions, which is a ratio of Danger to Distraction. If the danger is too high, then the distraction isn’t worth it. But, if the distraction is high from, say, ripping apart a whole box of kleenex while I make dinner in peace, then it’s a go.

When people ask me about raising twin toddlers, I like to bring people’s attention to the fact that when children’s authors want to make something particularly ridiculous, they add a twin element (I’m sure the boy-girl aspect is just to ensure no readers are alienated). See below.

For an example of the ridiculous in *our* life, for those of you who didn’t see the Rice Krispies video, here’s an example, which also turned out to be an unintentional danger:distraction win (for five minutes), as well:

Disaster Land

This is the result of one badly placed cereal bag clip and me, assuming all clips were securely tightened, unpacking groceries. In the same space. Also, it’s an example about how I can be outnumbered in a whole new way now.

So, all in all, do I wish twins on people? Absolutely.


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hahahaha the cat in that picture – looking at the twinkies thinking “what the shhhhhh?!?!”

Yay Happy 1.5 years Twinkies!

Comment by Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.

Ya know?! Ridiculous.

Comment by freshfish

God you’re so good. I live you’re thoughts on each of them. There are no words. Tears, maybe, but no words. Snap krackle pop stomp stomp stomp!

Comment by Marianna Annadanna


Comment by Marianna Annadanna


Comment by Marianna Annadanna

I wish I could put words on how much I love the combination of You and Auto-Correct. But I can’t. The emotion defies words.

Comment by freshfish

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