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Housewife Chronicles: Window Washing (too boring to even read)
November 19, 2012, 10:35 pm
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Ugh. I’m already bored and I’m the one writing it.

You still there? You need a better hobby. But, until then, here you go.

Today I washed the OUTSIDE of my house’s windows for the first time. My mother-in-law did it (I think?) when we first moved in, much more than one year ago. My neighbour, who was hidden by a hedge until le husband and le father-in-law got hedge-chopping happy last Spring, was doing hers the other day and I always feel like as she’s telling me what she’s doing (because to some people it would be obvious, but I stand there looking at her like she’s trying to build a rocket or something as ridiculous, thereby necessitating explanations for me), she’s hoping that I take the hint and follow suit. This applies to raking, gardening, aerating, tilling and definitely window washing.  This entire paragraph should be re-written, but really, we’ve already spent too much time on this subject. And, amazingly, there is still more.

So, today I cleaned (some of) the outside windows. It took me several different cloth varieties (fine, because I don’t clean the inside ones often either and am, therefore, a window washing rookie). It was a lovely sunny day, and, as I do whenever I feel like I’m doing something of the housewife/suburban/domestic vein, I laughed while I did it. I feel like I’m playing a character in a movie, and this is very amusing. The result? Meh. Now I see streaks, whereas before there was just a nice even film. I suppose knowing that they’re cleaner is sort of comforting. I guess.

As banal as the topic may be, it’s another thing that Housewife Me had to do to qualify for the award that I’m totally getting at the end of the year, and therefore, it had to be blogged about. I should note that my do-er of a neighbour is a working woman with a husband and two kids, and yet she is still 10-fold more productive around her house and our neighbourhood than I am. This is probably due to her lack of commitment to the art of whining and complaining and resulting surplus of time on her hands.

I’ll tell you one thing though: If my neighbours don’t give me kudos within the next 24 hours for my new clean, streaky windows, I vow to never* wash my outside windows again.

*Everyone recognizes that I’m totally over-dramatic, right?


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There is this great product by Mr. Clean…it is shot through the water hose at high pressure (through an adaptation to the water hose) on to the outside windows and magically dries to perfection….the high poweredness of this contraption is only to be handled by the male species…brillant. (secret…girls can hold a water hose to point and shoot running water to make said windows be-u-ti-ful as well if so girl was willing)

Comment by Momma Bear's fan

I think that’s what the neighbour was using!

Comment by freshfish

I feel you Lori ,at least you neighbour is nice. My passive aggressive neighbour is always subtly hinting about the things we should be doing. She is about as subtle as a kick to the teeth. Last summer she mentioned on numerous occasions that we should hire the people who cut her lawn. Since according to her it looked long. She even put the companies business card in our mailbox. Since I am a mature and rational individual I neglected to cut the lawn for another week, to subtly tell her to mind her damn business 🙂

Comment by Crayon

Nice work. Best they know that no advice at all is the most welcome!

Comment by freshfish

I think you should get some kind of pre-award for this. Or at least a ribbon or mini trophy or something. For participation.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

Agreed. I’ll let Marco know we’ve decided as such.

Comment by freshfish

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