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Museum of Really Nice People
October 20, 2012, 9:09 pm
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I finally convinced myself to bring The Twinkies to The Canadian Museum of Civilization (which will soon be renamed the Museum of Canadian History, or something – either way, I hope it stays as “The Civ” to locals forevermore) and specifically, the much-hyped Children’s Museum that it houses.

It was raining. I have 13 month old twins. So, you know, rather than the regular gong show, it was a wet one. One of them had refused a nap and I was leaving 45 minutes before I should have put her down because sometimes you just have to go for it. All this to say, the day had a lot working against it.

So, when I went to pay for our entrance, I wasn’t entirely surprised that I’d apparently forgotten my wallet. I remained calm (an ongoing project for me) and resolved to wait for my sister to arrive so that she could pay for us, or just go home. I smiled at the lovely guy behind the counter, explained and then started to re-pack my now completely unpacked diaper bag on his counter. And then he did it: He looked at me with a big, gorgeous (what? Unnecessary information? Seemed pretty necessary at the time…) and said “(d)on’t worry about it. Here’s a member’s sticker – just go on in.” WHAT?! I gratefully accepted, if for no other reason than to avoid a “No! I couldn’t!” “Please, ma’am – just take the sticker!” banter that would send the people behind me into a rage.

Obviously, as I hooked my diaper bag back on the stroller, I found my wallet. And he didn’t want to let me pay anyway! I had to force it, and I did, and promised I would pay it forward. He smiled some more. (Necessary information, I swear.)

So, off we go into the Children’s Museum where The Twinkies experienced, by far, the best day of their lives. We left for a little while to go eat lunch in the giant vestibule and then went back in so as to extend the best day of their lives. After hanging out on the ship’s ramps and then in the Miniature Greece section for quite a long time, I realized that I’d forgotten my diaper bag on a table in the middle of the vestibule filled with a lot of people and busloads of students. “I’m testing kindness,” I explained to a passer-by as I ran back to my bag.

And there it was. Sitting on the table, completely untouched. Still wide open with my (Coach!) wallet sticking out the top.



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Warms my heart when I notice the universe smiling….

Comment by servingothersblog

So heartening! I knew the next-to-least thing I could do was share the goodness.

Comment by freshfish

I love when that happens. When a (good looking) dude offers you a break; when nobody steals your wallet; and, when les twinkies have the best day if their lives. I also love that children’s museum. I wish I could play there without it being creepy.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

Come with us! I was crawling around, wearing costumes and having so much fun!! I think you’ll have to play hooky one day and we’ll go! I got a membership PLUS so I can bring a guest for free every time!!

Comment by freshfish

I love that place, my kids loved that place. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent there. And a great story of the kindness of strangers and simple decency. Love it 🙂 I know you will spend many, many more days there.

Comment by Sandra Guirguis

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