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I’m too old for these boots
September 24, 2012, 7:27 pm
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I’ve been searching for the right pair of “motorcycle” boots (in quotations, because they obviously wouldn’t be real motorcycle boots, but some iteration that implies that I’m bad-ass without actually being safe to use on a real motorcycle (read: cheaper)) for years. YEARS.

I’ve recently discovered that the main problem to not being able to find the right pair is that I have resisted fully committed to the skinny jean, certain that they’re going out of style … for about eight years now. I’ve now conceded that they’re never going out of bloody style no matter how unflattering they are on 90% of us.

And so, the quest for the boots began again today, with new pants on bum.

I went to The Bay at Bayshore because I just had a feeling. I can’t explain it, but I had it. It’s also my sister’s favourite, and given her expertise in shopping, how could I fail?

After a 45 second search (which is pretty average for me), I found a couple of pairs that I liked. Unfortunately, one was not a motorcycle boot at all, but it was a safer, more soccer Mom-esque style. My sister at my side (because K was remarkably absent from her bloody phone… come on now!!), she encouraged me to get the ones I’d been wanting for so long. One might conclude that she was sick and tired of hearing me moan about the boot situation. Likely hypothesis. To further encourage me they were the first pair I’d tried on this season that didn’t make my bad toe (seriously!) ache. And so, I grabbed The Pair and told the lovely lady helping me that I would take them. She grabbed the box. And this is when I saw the brand, flushed and became overwhelmed with doubt.

“Material Girl”

My sister looked at me, confused as to why my face had been reduced to an embarrassed child. I told her, “This is Madonna’s daughter’s line.” She laughed (or smirked, but I might just be over-sensitive what with my seven seconds of sleep last night) and added, “Oh, I think she does it with Kelly Osborne.” Well, that just made it so much better, obviously.

I wish I had had the wherewithal to decide to continue the search, to not give in to this self-mockery of buying a teenage celebutante’s footwear. But at that moment, I looked over to see the Twinkies, quite literally, crawling out of their stroller while yelling at the top of their lungs and thought to myself: Just buy the damn things or you’ll be wearing your Toms all flipping winter.

And so, dear friends and readers, if you could refrain from laughing at me while I wear boots that were designed by a teenager, I’d appreciate it… because I, ugh, really quite like them. And, as if to sort of assure me that the decision wasn’t terrible, upon being rung through I discovered that they were on sale.


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Hogwash! You are not too old for those boots, and not are those hoots too young for you. They are awesome and so are you, which means you and they go together perfectly.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

I didn’t *feel* too old for them until I saw the freaking box. Oh well, I bought them anyway. And I will wear them all the time because they’re actually comfortable.

Comment by freshfish

It’s a better choice than soccer mom style anything. Keep it real Brooks.

Comment by Tephie

Thanks you. I should probably have you on speed-text for my style advisory too. Next time…

Comment by freshfish

This should be on the Aboot Me page of your site…

Comment by servingothersblog


Comment by freshfish

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