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And then there was the time when he saved our lives
September 17, 2012, 9:01 am
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Baby A is a terrible sleeper. Brutal. Excruciating. Lately, even before surgery, it has been even worse. Three times a night he needs to be cradled and rocked. The only thing that gets him back to sleep for a few hours is milk but then he doesn’t eat that much during the day. Some would say  it’s a growth spurt. I would not be one of them. As we are now without house guests, I decided it’s time to let him cry-it-out. He needs to get sleep and everything we’re doing is band-aid solution-esque.

Last night, just as Le Husband went out to hockey and I was drifting off to sleep, it began. And he went and went and went. And then Baby B started, which means that it got really bad, because she slept through the first half hour of it.

And then I smelled gas. But no, it couldn’t be. We hadn’t even made dinner, so the gas stove hadn’t even been turned on today.

I relented and went into the nursery to try to calm the babies. And it really smelled like gas.

The knobs on the stove had been turned accidentally and had been leaking gas for an hour. After trying to air out the house but realizing how long this takes, getting nauseous and light-headed, I put the stunned and still screaming babies in the car and started to drive with the windows wide open, letting the fresh, freezing air flow in.

And then I called 911. Because, really? I’m the expert on when people should go back into the house? Obviously, this is the point where the eight gorgeous firefighters show up at my house in the middle of the night and I’m wearing my husband’s plaid PJ pants and a random running sweater with no bra. They gave us the all-clear, with instructions to keep airing out the house and thus began the re-bedtime routine.

And, when all finally calmed, I realized that if Baby A hadn’t woken up, we would have all slept through it and who knows what Le Husband would have come home to find.

Sadly, any goodwill Baby A implied in saving our lives was seemingly forgotten when he woke up at 4:45 a.m., clearly, once again, TRYING TO KILL US.


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Holy $&@? Lo! Always a reason for everything, and always a silver lining if you look hard enough, eh? So happy to be reading about what did not happen.

Comment by servingothersblog

Oh my god, that’s crazy. Don’t carbon detectors catch gas smell? I’ve always been slightly terrified of gas stoves. Ma In Law once put the paper towel on top of th stove, and it caught the flame and nearly burned the kitchen down.

I hope little dude sleeps better soon.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

I know! Apparently our detector is either broken, or it doesn’t detect/alarm to levels that are high enough to make me nauseous and lightheaded a floor away. Either way, I no longer get any comfort from it. (Alternatively, it’s possible that Baby A has reconfigured it with all the hours he’s spent playing with it and making it BEEEEEEEP before we finally moved it out of his reach. Nah.)

Comment by freshfish

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