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Is “bored” a verb? Nope!
June 5, 2012, 9:30 pm
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Oh, the ups and downs of blogging. For so long it was the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up every day. Then, it became weekly. And now, apparently, it’s an annual event. When I blogged daily, it was guaranteed to be about nothing of any importance to… anyone, really. A distraction from real life. Now that it’s an annual event though, I feel the pressure to blog about something important and monumental. Alas, this will not be. Because that’s just not the way I blog(roll).

In fact, I’m returning to the blog now as an electronic kick in the ass, so to speak. I’ve been on maternity leave with Les Twinkies for almost nine months and last week, after too much adult time, I was faced with a stark and painful realization: Holy good goddess I’m bored. While my children are beyond adorable and hugely hilarious, they still need diaper changing, fight their naps and require three trips a day to the high chair that usually make me wish I’d worn a rain coat, if for no other reason than to protect me from my own tears. They test my patience (first by depriving me of sleep, and then by not eating, and finally by stealing their brother’s toys, soothers, and today, drool (!??!!)), but not my brain.

After consultations far and wide (i.e. people who were unlucky enough to cross my path) last week, I was given two solid suggestions: 1) Take a course and/or 2) learn a new language (ideally, Italian). I ambitiously and enthusiastically committed to both. One week later, I’m enrolled in a course at Algonquin College and have committed to not at all try to learn Italian because that would just be too damn much.

The course at Algonquin is for Creative Writing, which is ideal because it is not related to public policy, politics, health or criminal justice, i.e. a complete departure from all former fields of study and work. I’ve already started the first course, which is a requirement for all students: Grammar for Morons.

I was terrified. Who am I kidding? I’m still terrified.

Le Husband explained what an “adverb” is, which enabled me to thankfully score 25/40 on the assessment. I did my first week of on-line learning, took the quiz and got 9/10. I can now identify a complete verb in a sentence and know that “participial” is a real word. Just don’t ask me to define it. Also, thanks to a clever friend, I now know that “adnoun” is not a real word, but should be what adjectives are called.

A person with a Master’s Degree should be less proud of this, but I’m not.


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YES. Adnoun. This is why you work in public policy. So that you can apply your new learnings to the real world. We all need to be calling it an Adnoun. Seriously.

Also? Why is the word “maintenance” not spelled/pronounced “mainTAINance” – inquirring minds want to know.

Also, also? I think “also” with a question mark after it is grammar badder.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

who cares what they are “called” words written by a great writer such as you don’t need definition…if there ever was a creative writing example…this blog is it. That being said, good on you for finding an “Adult” thing to do…

Comment by Momma Bear's fan

How is it that I am only now discovering that you have a blog? Blogging is a great way to clear your head. Life as a SAHM was OK but it was starting to become utterly tedious. Play-dates and laundry were wearing me down. I always enjoyed writing so I decided that I would do something for myself. Now I am much happier. I look forward to read more of your adventures with Les Twinkies 🙂

Comment by Crayon

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