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My Awesome Nephew
May 16, 2011, 8:37 pm
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Or at least, that’s what he told me to call this post. Oh, and I’m supposed to sign it “by his ever-admiring aunt.” Remind me if I forget.

Here’s some random facts about my 16 year old nephew, with whom we’re currently living (along with his parents, of course):

– He is obsessed with physics. He talks about vectors and inertia and sound waves while we all sit around the table with a stunned look on our faces.

– He can run really, really fast. But he doesn’t do that often, ’cause he’s lazy. Did I mention he is 16?

– Currently he is accruing a diaper change tally. For every dish that he doesn’t put in the dish washer, he’s going to have to change a diaper. He’s up to 11, and counting. Because he’s lazy.

– He’s hilarious, particularly when he makes fun of his laziness.

– He’s probably the most mature person in our family.

– He burns 4,500 calories a day just existing. This inspires infinite amounts of jealousy in me. And sometimes bitterness.

– He has questionable taste in movies. Although we are about to watch The Big Lebowski, so…

– He’s getting pretty sick of Uncle Marco and Auntie Lori practicing parenting on him and would like our reno’s to be done so that we can move out of his bedroom, his house, and his head.


Your ever-adoring aunt. Seriously.

{This is him, ringing the tacky Hyundai “you’ve just bought a car!” bell. He got to ring it because he talked me into the red one stating that “life is too short to buy a black car.”  Good call, Benaroo. Good call.}


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This is adorable. You should blog more often.

Also? Nice Hyundai bell.

Comment by Marianna Annadanna

Your nephew sounds like a swell guy. Totally agree with his questionable taste in movies…

Comment by HT Schuyler

At least his taste in friends is solid. Hopefully they can teach him about movies…

Comment by freshfish

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