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The Power of the Double Decker
January 5, 2011, 9:17 pm
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I’ve ridden double decker buses in England, and loved every moment. The novelty has clearly not worn off. Husband got hung up on with an hysterical “I gotta go! It’s a double decker!” when I saw the double decker approaching my bus stop this evening. After frantically telling the OC Transpo bus driver how excited I was to finally get to ride this bus (his response: “Really?”), I ran up the stairs to find an empty upper deck. I don’t know what was bigger – my smile or the gigantic window two feet from my face.

Before you think I’m a complete loser, think twice (or know that there are others like me). A few stops into the “flying ride” (as I will now think of it), the bus stops, I hear a furious scamper up the stairs and when I look back, I see a woman, maybe 40, with a huge smile on her face as she plops herself in the front row, across from me. We looked at each other, both with big stupid smiles, and said (I feel like it was simultaneously, but this may be morphing into a Broadway musical in my head) “(i)sn’t this so fun!??!” A few stops later some more people got on and jumped into our “isn’t this fun?” conversation (which we were still having), thereby confirming the joy these buses bring to everyone.

And so, readers, it will be the double decker bus that will serve as the foundation for my new world peace proposal (to come).

Look very closely...


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