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Christmas in the Capital
December 30, 2010, 2:42 pm
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I’m never cooking turkey again. I’ve done it once, no one died from salmonella but I was so terrified of that ball of bacteria that it took all joy from the entire project. From now on, all Christmas dinners that I host will be roast beast. Done.

It broke our hearts a little bit to not be part of the fun on Christmas Eve at the in-laws’ annual party for 30 family members (I didn’t miss the bacala, however…) and not see my grandmother on Christmas. On the other hand, we didn’t have to drive 6 hours on Christmas Eve through traffic and weather (saw The Fighter instead of actually fighting for a pleasant change!) and got to spend Christmas with my sister, her husband and my nephew – people we never usually see at Christmas. I’m still recovering (emotionally and physically) from the foosball tourney.

By the time Team Squeezebox (comprised of Husband and I, his parents and sisters and their partners – named after the 60 year old accordian that Father-in-Law bought at the antique market) was assembled on boxing day in our house, we started to feel even better. The main benefit? We got them all to ourselves! When in Toronto over Christmas, we’re all running around, visiting, shopping and working, and the amount of quality time spent together is quite low. This way, we got a full two days to hang out, and it was wonderful. Mama-in-Law rediscovered her love for Tom Jones (and destroyed us all at SingStar), L’il Sis-in-Law showed us how to do interpretative dances to karaoke, Mid’l Sis-in-Law made us ridiculous nightly cheese platters, and the boys had an all-out SingStar war (someone finally beat Husband!). Yes, this Christmas filled us right up with exactly what we needed after they year we’ve had – little stress and lots of love. We will never forget that they did this for us.

Important point: 8 fully grown adults in a three bedroom house is a lot of people. Luckily not everyone was fussed about actually sleeping on a “bed” type structure.


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