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The Grizzly Bear Dream
August 20, 2009, 12:55 pm
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I dreamt last night that husband bought me a grizzly bear for a present. It was in our backyard. And hungry. I think it’s safe to say that the reno-based resentment has set in, oui?

Interesting what happened after discovering my “gift” in the backyard. In the midst of cursing his name (which lasted the entirety of the dream – and got more creative as it progressed!), I called our friend Mark as he seemed the most likely person to know what to do with said bear, as husband’s knowledge seemed to max out at ordering one. Mark offered to come and get it, but upon realizing that they have no car (because that would have worked), instead offered that I should feed the increasingly hungry bear pita bread leftover in my fridge. “Yes, that should do the trick,” he said.

In the end, I came home to find that the bear had been, ahem, “taken care of.” When I asked husband who, er, dealt with the situation, I expected him to say the Humane Society or something (don’t ask, it was a dream… although I’m not sure my awake-self would have guessed any better to be honest). But no, as it would turn out, he had called the most capable person we know in pretty much every sphere of life – our friend Anna, who is about 5’2″ and teeny but stronger than everyone. So, thanks Anna! While I know whole-heartedly that you could save us in any given situation in awake-life, I also appreciate you putting an end to my nightmares in my sleep state.


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LB – you just made my day with this dream-story – Thank you. And, please, keep writing. We love FF!

Comment by Amy

Ah, Lori. Blogging is harder to do than anyone possibly knows, isn’t it? How is the new situation? Did the computer die in the leak? What is new?

Comment by jaquette

It is! I’m going to try, yet again, to start up again. My work situation for the moment should help enable it. Wish me luck!!

Comment by freshfish

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