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Well hello there… it’s been awhile.
August 17, 2009, 6:19 pm
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And, let’s be honest, it may be a whole other while until I see you again. Something brought me back here today and I was so thankful I popped in for a visit. This blog has served as a great journal for me for so long and I’ve just been cruising through some old trip entries that have given me a lovely sense of escape in an otherwise less-than-fun world.

What’s not fun? Well, I’ll start with my eyeballs, or rather, the lids that are protecting them. You see, they’re very swollen and puffy – oh, and red – leading to numerous people today asking if I’ve been bawling my eyes out. Actually, I haven’t (not that I don’t have reason to). I have, however, been living in a dustbin for several weeks as we get our kitchen re-done. In addition to my eye issues, I’m also coughing out the dust on a far too regular basis. Dégolase.

Besides the physiological consequences of this environment is the general stress/tiredness/etc. Luckily, I have lovely, lovely, lovely friends who insist on being the type of fun to distract me from all stresses and, more importantly, feed me totally delicious food. Also, occasionally, I’m allowed to play their (PS3) drums, which relieves all sorts of stresses.

I can’t wait to have a pizza party (delivery, of course) in my new kitchen to thank them all for their kindness and generosity!


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Yay! Blog daily again! Do it! I would be such a happy girl.

Comment by Mel

What a lovely surprise to find in my blod feed! How goes it missus?

Comment by 1iz

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