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Gelato & Beer
August 8, 2007, 5:45 am
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Last night, I made my best friend’s husband’s dream come true.

I shouldn’t take all the credit though. My husband helped too. Well, so did she. It was a full three-pack support effort.

Luckily, his wildest fantasies are food- and beverage-based.

E and T are visiting from England and T was recalling his short-lived residence in Ottawa as a time of, well… poverty. He spent yesterday eve reflecting on the dire financial straits that they endured while they lived here and specifically the one weekly dilemma that used to pain him. Every Wednesday he had to choose between a pint and a gelato. Being the good Englishman that he is, he went for the pint… every time. One can only imagine his longing glance into Pure Gelato on his way home every Wednesday.

So, after dinner at Oz Kafe last night we went to Woody’s for a pint (ok, maybe that should be plural) and then for gelato. When I say gelato, it’s best to get a vision in your head of the magnitude of gelato that the boys went for. We’re talking GELATO. The waffle cone filled with four flavours that took them the entire length of the 15 minute walk home to consume.

I was a bit sad to find out that he had faced this weekly dilemma unbeknownst to us, as surely we would have been happy to treat. When I expressed this last night on the walk home though, T looked at me, ice cream smeared across his gigantic grin, and said “and take away from the joy of this moment?! Never!”


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Just be careful it starts innocently like this and then before you know it……………….. slurp he’s just licked your forehead as a way of saying thank you. Don’t say you havn’t been warned!

Comment by Stuart

You’ve been quiet for seven months now, and I doubt it was the Guiness or the gelato. What changed for you?

Comment by jaquette

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