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I know you from somewhere
August 1, 2007, 6:46 am
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After a few scoldings, both public and private, regarding my blog negligence of late, a (slightly scary but always lovely) co-worker suggested that I blog about a bizarre, yet amusing incident that occurred a few weeks ago.

Walking around the downtown area in the afternoon on a coffee run gone awry, I found myself standing on a corner with a womyn about my age that I recognized but couldn’t place. And then I sorted it – she works at the same Department as I and is friends with the above-mentioned (slighty scary but always lovely) co-worker, and with whom I have shared more than one coffee-run adventure. Problem was, she was in her gym garb… in the middle of the day. So, out of context – both building and wardrobe – it took me a moment to place her.

Once I did, we started chatting and walked a block or two together, discussing her month off to finish her thesis and the need to escape the confines of her home for an hour to get some exercise and regroup, or whatever.

As we’re about to part ways, she looks at me and says “I know you from somewhere, but…” Luckily for my potentially bruised self-esteem, it didn’t take very long an explanation for her to say “RIGHT! I knew I knew you from somewhere!”


I am going to try to blog about my recent trip to D.C., but the task is just so daunting… but I will try, oh yes, I will try.

Until then, I am soliciting suggestions for my birthday resolution for this year. Click here and scroll to the bottom for a refresher on the concept of the “birthday resolution”.  As some will recall, I did drive the Volvo. Feeling lost without one for this year, so please help!


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I’m thinking that a trip to Lac Bernard would be a good resolution. In two years it’s never happened – now would be a good time:)

Comment by Amy

True that. Now, if we can just figure out when YOU’RE there and when I can go, we’d be set! Then again, now that I know that you just give it out willy-nilly, I may not wait for you!

Comment by freshfish

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