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Debbie and Russ got hitched!
July 9, 2007, 6:35 am
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Ms. Debbie McCosham and Mr. Russ Washburn finally tied the knot this weekend in Petawawa, Ontario at the Officer’s Mess on the base.

I can’t lie – us “civvies” were very excited about going to a military wedding on a real base and got giddy every time we saw any vehicle in camo-green – tractors to tanks, equal excitement. We rented a party van for the two-hour drive, and a party room at the Thriftlodge, which is also attached to the bar, bus depot, depanneur, restaurant and… a laundromat in “the Pet”. So, in a word, perfect.

It was an amazing, amazing, amazing day. Debbie looked unbelievably stunning and she was true to form in every way, resulting in an infatuated dinner group to chant her name over and over again when she tried to get away with not giving a speech. Russ was downright dashing in his full dress and the couple were exuberant.

And somehow, they both came out unscathed from the massive cupcake fight at the end of the night and still looked amazing right to the end.

Thank you to you both for such an amazing party!

Reasons why I heart military weddings:

  1. Men in fancy uniforms
  2. Open bar (including pina coladas)
  3. 1+2 = Men in uniforms that inevitably get sloppy drunk 
  4. Weddings on bases entail a mandatory road trip by old friends, which is always fun
  5. Bag piperS – not just one… but FOUR
  6. DrummerS – not just one… but THREE
  7. Pipers and Drummers (in kilts, obviously) together for the mid-meal serenade
  8. Kilts
  9. When the MC says dinner starts at 7 (1900 hours), you know he’s not toying with you… you better be there at 7, at frickin’ attention (ok, so I just added that part, but still…)
  10. The Sword Party at the end of the aisle for the wedding party to walk through … SO cool

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Wedding parties are very enjoyable specially if there are many men and women that wants to dance :

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