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Vendredation Day
June 29, 2007, 6:09 am
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I am no longer a Dairy Queen virgin. My world will never, ever be the same.

After volleyball on Wednesday, I followed my teammates (well, I’d like to think I was invited, but you know…) to their favourite ice cream shop. I solicited their advice before ordering because the choices were truly overwhelming. With their support, I ordered the Reese Peanut Butter Blizzard. I don’t remember much after that – except for some hysteric giggling and heart racing and then I think I went into a coma. I know for certain that I wanted to cry on the rest of the bike ride home.  It’s a pity they’re at least 600 calories for a small, but I can see them substituting dinner at least a few times over the summer. 

Now over to the best news I’ve had in ages

I wrote this over a year ago – note the sign off. And now, my wish, first made the day Ginger left the “band”,  is coming true. Pray goddess that somehow, some way I can get tickets and find someone to go with. Husband brought it to my attention yesterday that perhaps I need not stress too much about ticket availability as the rest of the world may not be as keen as I am to get to one of the reunion shows, which heartens me.

My recommendation this weekend: Watch Spice World. Love it – such a throwback to the Monkees-era schtick with Thames-based hijinx, crazy costumes and Alan Cumming. And for all you music snobs still out there who are judging me for my love of all thoughtless, fluffy things Spice Girl, chew on this: Elvis Costello was in the flick.

In addition to Spice World, I plan to check out the new Lebreton Flats stage for Opera Under the Stars tonight, check out at least one but maybe two of the FIFA U-20 games on Saturday and finally, drink sangria in honour of this nation’s birthday. It’s the least I can do.

Enjoy your Canada Day everyone!!

 … sorry … I just had to do it.


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I know! I’m super excited too!

If they come here, I will TOTALLY go with you!

Comment by a grrl with a blog

Not everyone is as thrilled about the Reunion Tour! Upon hearing the announcement, I remember feeling the way I felt when I first heard their breakout ‘Hit’ on the radio…..that’s right, a part of me died that day! lol

All that said….and please don’t tell anyone (who reads these comments besides you, right?!?! lol)…I would go with ya – cause your Hubbie is right, there will be lots of tickets to be had! lol


Comment by Shane

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