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Walking the Walk
June 27, 2007, 3:46 am
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I kind of hate walking the walk. I much prefer talking the talk. It’s so much less commitment and effort, and if you can be shameless enough and call yourself a hypocrite with a charming smile, most people don’t judge… ’cause they’re the same way, really.

Case in point: Me, philosophies of reducing consumption, anti-consumerism, recycling, love of books (and reading, but sometimes it’s just more the books). All of these little variables of my personality have indeed made me a hypocrite. I buy new books. Always. I don’t take books out of the library (also because the deadlines make me anxious). I lend books, but I never really give them away and I certainly never sell them. I hoard them.

Something about my new (old) bike, la Belle Bicyclette (thanks Neal for the Quebecois-inspired name!), has inspired me though. I’ve decided to take the “used” route first in the following realms of consumption: books, sporting goods… and clothes.

First stop – books. First assignment – our latest book club read. I looked at some used bookstores in the Market, and called a couple of other ones, but to no avail. I was going to go the route and purchase through their used network when something inspired me to do one last google search and low and behold, a most fabulous service. Abe Books is a network of used book stores in, from what I can tell, several countries. You can refine your search to get sellers from Canada and maybe even find a copy in your city. I was overjoyed to find several copies of the book I was looking for from Canadian sellers and quickly ordered one. Not quite as cheap as I would have liked, but cheaper than Chapters, and in line with my new sense of “walking the walk”.

But I can’t just take from this system, I thought. If one wants to have an abundance of used books available to them, then one must contribute used books to the system. And so, inspired by reigniting this old philosophy, I went to town on my book shelves. I figured Husband would be thrilled as he’s a “clear the clutter” type, whereas I’m obviously a “hang on to everything (especially books) just in case and even if I don’t need it for 20 years, if I do need it just once and it’s not there, you’re going to hear about it for another 20 years” type. Funny thing though, he actually asked me to put back a few of the books that I was planning on giving away. Turns out he had been paying attention when I talked about my favourite books and it seems that he has some (however faint) intention of reading them one day. Aside from those though, a duffle bag was filled to the brim of good books, books that I value and that I would want people to have access to – not just my garbage. Woah. This was getting really intense.

Next stop – clothes. Back to Hush for me for a new (old) pair of Sevens or Rock & Republics, and maybe even, a dress or two. I can’t wait to check out their new store!


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Must be the week for it. I’ve just discovered freecycle so far this week i’ve said goodbye to a rabbit htch and an old pond! Sorry i’ve not blogged just busy moving house.

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