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“Celeb” Sighting
June 21, 2007, 6:34 am
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And this time it’s not a local politician or Ottawa newscaster!

On my way to the Fringe the other night, I was walking down Cooper and much was to do in the block between O’Connor and Metcalfe. Me being me, I headed right into the eye of the storm to see what was going on. It was clearly a movie set, so obviously I started scanning for Tori Spelling and her wanker husband. Then I noticed the NYC cabs and changed street signs and knew that NYC would never allow its name to be sullied by allowing her involvement in anything associated with the city (unlike Ottawa, “who” is desperate). Speaking of desperate (10 points for the seguay! Minus 10 points for not knowing how to spell “seguay”…), standing in the spotlight was none other than James Denton/Mike Delfino, apparently filming this little Cannes-contender, which apparently requires that he wear a lot of make-up.

I didn’t let up my pace, although did contemplate busting out the camera to take a picture. Then I remembered that I had exhausted all of my annual pride allotment on stalking Nathan from Coronation Street in London and decided the following: It is fine to stalk stars when you’re somewhere else and are just a tourist and can lie about where you’re from. But in your own town, you have a duty to play it cool. Besides, I had to rush to make it to the indie-theatre on time… and that’s GOT to mean that Ottawa’s cool, non?


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