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A Night on the Fringe
June 20, 2007, 6:45 am
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Despite not having successfully recruited a *reliable* husband-sanctioned extra-marital companion for last night’s outing to the Fringe, I decided there were far worse places a person could go solo than the theatre. By the end of my night, I was quite certain I never wanted to go with anyone ever again. My old friend, Kevin, understood exactly what I meant – a) you don’t have to compromise on what you want to see amidst a plethora of choices; and b) you get to decide whether you liked the show or not without any interference, which can lead to guilt or confusion (I liked it and you didn’t… sorry!/why?).

I decided on the show by the important criteria of location, perfect time, and lead characters that have my name. The winner of my $12 was Bookworm. The reviews posted on the site were fairly good, giving me confidence that it wouldn’t be a complete waste of money. How thrilled was I when I ended up enjoying the show immensely and laughing out loud throughout?! The two characters, and actors, had great chemistry, a fun script to work with and she, in particular, nailed the comedic timing at almost every turn (despite apparently being nauseous the entire show). There’s not much of a story per se, but the characters and interactions – with each other and the audience – were well, well worth it.

After this show, I was intending to hang out at karaoke but was on such a high from the first one that I couldn’t ignore the additional shows being performed around me for the next few hours. One more, I thought, then karaoke…

The obvious choice was Medea, which has been reviewed approximately 6 million times on CBC Morning over the last year and has been running in the city in what seems like perpetuity. Apparently I have a knack for exagerration. I wish I had knowledge of theatre lingo to explain what I liked about it, but I don’t, so here goes my version: The musical element was beautiful – truly; the chorus lines (that’s got to be wrong….) were very powerful; the actors (all women, ’cause the play’s all about womyn’s power and not to f with them) were all quite good – especially the one playing Jason. I couldn’t decide whether I was irritated by Medea’s melo-drama or frightened by her seething anger… but I do know this: you should check it out, if for nothing else than to be reminded of the story. There’s a reason it’s been floating around for a year.

Now I need to figure out how to see about four more shows by Sunday’s closing!

Oh and the karaoke… I got ditched by my potential husband-sanctioned extra-marital companion. Apparently waiting one hour in the rain for a married woman he may or may not have met once 10 years ago was too much to ask.

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Just a quick comment — spelling typo.
Two g’s, one r.
What defines “husband-sanctioned extra-marital companion”? My extra-marital actitivities are male (poker, fishing) … what crosses the threshold?

Comment by jaquette

Thank you =) While I’m generally a spelling and grammar nut, some words continue to defy my long-term memory. There are a few others, but maybe this little public lesson will finally internalize it for me.

Well, my husband would request an extra-marital companion to fill in for some of the following activities: theatre, films (vs. movies), and more generally to pick up the slack when he’s tired and I’m still going a million miles an hour and have exhausted my plentiful girlfriend and volunteering options and activities.

It was a friend who inspired the concept by “dating” a co-worker who comes into town now and again. Her spouse also really likes him, so it’s all very platonic, hence the ability to joke about it.

Comment by freshfish

Ahhh, I see. The ‘extra-marital’ almost always comes with a scandal in the press, so that threw me off a bit. There are many things that a couple just shouldn’t have to do together (shopping malls for me), and almost any stand-in should do in a time of need. I don’t even seek the right to sanction those who are willing to take my place!

And as with so much in life, you have to be able to joke about it or it would just be painful.

Comment by jaquette

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