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Single in the city
June 18, 2007, 1:43 am
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Husband was off to Toronto on Friday evening, after a lovely dinner at Siam Bistro in Westboro, leaving me single for a few days. As usual, the unexplainable mania I feel when he leaves town for a few days led me to be very, very tired by Sunday night. I don’t know why I get that hyper – it’s not as though he in any way hinders my activities when he’s home, so maybe it’s to distract myself until he returns… but that sounds way too lame. Anyway, the hysteria sets in and I’m off to the races with overlapping commitments and barely enough time to do my hair, let alone put on make-up from one activity to the next.

Funny thing though, when I’m the one away, he will go days without leaving the apartment besides dog walking. Days. I guess it’s his time to rejuvenate, preparing for the imminent return of his hyperactive wifey. Poor guy.

The weekend, as overly scheduled as it was, was fantastic. The Book club on Friday night was lovely to delve back into. We discussed “Lullabies for Little Criminals“, which completely captured me. Just a beautiful piece of work. I’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen since I finished it and a lot of people have asked to borrow it. After Friday night though, I’m going to have to say no… to everyone. You see, there were some people on Friday night that know a thing or two about publishing books in Canada and were explaining how little money the author gets. Given the incredible impact that the book had on all of us (I’m not going to name names, but both men and womyn confessed to shedding tears and laughing out loud), it just seems wrong that the author isn’t rewarded financially for it. So, either buy your own copy or request it from the library and get them to buy more copies. Also, some people may be receiving it as gifts in the near future. Hope you understand…

Saturday morning, my truant self finally made it to my first dragon boat practice of the season, after missing the first two. Due to my absenteeism, I volunteered to be the drummer because one just doesn’t need to practice as much for that position. I can’t imagine why on earth it took me so long to figure out that a dragon boat drummer may be my Calling. I get to sit in the front of the boat, elevated, with a captive audience of 20+ that I get to yell words of motivation to incessantly. What the hell was I thinking not having done this before!?


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