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Winnipeg Roll-Up – Part 2
June 13, 2007, 6:55 am
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The first full day in Winnipeg started off as good as any day possibly can – in a beautiful hotel, with a pool. I love hotels with pools. I love starting my day off with laps – much more than runs, trips to the gym, or even yoga. Maybe not more than a greasy breakfast, but you get my point. But imagine my utter joy when I saw what else the pool area had to offer… a steam room!!! I quickly plotted out the Nordik system-version 2.0; steam room, jump in the pool, lounge around. I couldn’t wait to tell my fellow travellers about this discovery!

As if that wasn’t a great enough way to start a day, the Fort Garry has a service wherein you order your coffee or tea the night before by leaving a note on the door (there’s a contraption on the door just for this purpose!), requesting which you would prefer and at what time. So, back from the pool, showered, getting ready, check outside my door at exactly 7:30 and voila – there lay a lovely silver tray with a carafe of coffee and a giant white chocolate and cranberry cookie. I almost peed myself with excitement.

The morning of the conference unfolded as it should – learnt a little, had a little reinforced, confirmed a few things, yadda, yadda, yadda –  and then there was lunch time. Michelle was getting grouchy (note to self: grouchy upon mis-synched airplane movies and when starving), so off we went in a frantic search for food. What did we find? The Sushi Train. Instead of a little river of boats carrying sushi, or a conveyor belt as we’d experienced in Tokyo, our sushi came along on a train. SO CUTE. SO Winnipeg.

Sushi collision with edamame

The sushi was surprisingly good, as was the realization that I was travelling with someone equally as conscientous of time as I am, but unlike me, unapologetic about it. Many of my friends find my need to be on time irritating, and even more so, that my version of “on time” means 10 minutes early. Husband has been slowly chipping away at this compulsivity for the last five years, and while I can now say I’ve experienced instances where I’m not the first person somewhere, being late still gives me anxiety. Michelle is the exact same way. Dave, not so much but saw that he was helpless to our majority and obliged graciously. 

After the day of conferencing, we went directly to the pool room to begin our session of “Nordiking” for an hour or so. Joy. Upon achieving the state of inability to form sentences or do anything aside smile gently and drool, we set off to prepare ourselves for the Sens game. As rumour had it, Dave’s room had two windows, so he was the obvious host for our pizza party. I was under the impression that we all agreed to wear our pyjamas with the lush hotel robes over it, but I was wrong, and thus, the only one. Being fully “nordik’d” though, I was fine with that. The room service pizza (Dion-inspired, of course) and salads were excellent and quick as was the tea/coffee (and cookie!) service for dessert. Who knows if it was the Nordiking or the wine, most likely the combination, that maintained our inability to form sentences (“that skool is old-style!” was apparently intending to mean “that stool is old-school!”)?

And then…. it was back to “the cloud”, our respective ridiculously lush beds, for one of the best sleeps in my life. I wasn’t even bothered by any of the Fort Garry ghosts. That’s how good the sleep in the cloud was.

**Update from yesterday, in response to Melissa query about how we found out what kind of pizza Dion ordered – Michelle asked the waiter once he’d left… straight up **


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