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Vendredation Day
June 1, 2007, 6:53 am
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I received my first birthday card in the mail yesterday. My birthday is July 21st (mark the calendars!). So did this person get the month wrong (as I have, on occasion, been guilty of)? No. This card was sent as an “early” happy birthday message from my wonderful Cousin Suzie (we like to “title” everyone in our family – Cousin Lori, Cousin Brad, Cousin Jenn, etc…). Cousin Suzie lives in Toronto and is actually my Mom’s first cousin, so my second cousin, and at least 10 years my senior.

She keeps Hallmark in business.

Despite not having seen her for many years, upon receiving the invitation to my wedding last July, we went on to receive at least one card a week in the mail from Cousin Suzie. All of them were bursting with joy and wonderful wishes and declarations of anticipation. No matter the stress of planning, those cards couldn’t help but put a smile on our faces. I think our last count, pre-wedding, was about 10 cards. They didn’t stop post-wedding, either. Every week for about a six weeks, we received a card about how much she had enjoyed “the wedding of all weddings” and so on, and so forth. So sweet.

I’m not sure how much we appreciated the advanced congratulations on our pregnancy card (you know, for the inevitable advent of it) but the thought was certainly endearing.

And so, after a lull in cards over the past few months, I was overjoyed to see the big purple envelope in my mailbox yesterday addressed to “Lori the-almost-birthday-girl”.

We could learn a lot from Suzie. Her simple gesture of sending cards out at seemingly unnecessary intervals to everyone in the family gives each of us so much joy.

So, in the spirit of Cousin Suzie, my recommendation to you today is to send out a random card (or several!) and spread the joy!


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I think this is my favourite reccommendation to date – thanks for brightening the day Lori!

Comment by Amy

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