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May 30, 2007, 6:01 am
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Maybe it was the fifth viewing of I Heart Huckabees last night that jump-started my contemplations of meaningful vs. meaningless coincidences, but I can’t help but wonder about my interaction with coffee yesterday.

First, I blog about my ongoing boycott of Starbucks, which unleashed a bit of a comment frenzy here on FFD – some positive and some not so positive (see the comments to the post below to get the full story-line). Then, upon my long-lost friend Melissa’s arrival for her bi-annual sleepover last night, she presents me with a gift – the finest in fair-trade Nicaraguan coffee from her sometimes-employer, Steamers. She had not read my blog, nor am I known to be a crazy coffee nut, so what on earth possessed her to get me that particular gift?

It’s ’cause we’re all connected. We’re all part of the blanket. And for the record, I know that 95% of the population despises that movie. Keep it to yourselves. I’ll just think less of you if you voice it.


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LB – I “heart”, I HEART HUCKABEES! I think it’s one of the funniest, thought provoking (without being in your face or ashamed about it) movies. You can watch and enjoy on a superficial level (re: Mark Whalberg throughout) or you can really delve into the existential nightmare business and get all mucky. As one who likes all dirty things, I prefer the muck. And I support you and the I HEART HUCKABEES love train!

Comment by Amy

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