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Race Weekend
May 28, 2007, 6:12 am
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Well, it’s official. I’m never training for a race outdoors again. I had three gym sessions to train for the 10K on Saturday and came in with a new personal best – 54:14. I had been dreading it for weeks and, not surprisingly, got that stupid feeling of accomplishment crossing the finish line and relief that I hadn’t given up prematurely. 

As always, the run was great to be a part of. Over 7,000 runners assembled downtown on a beautiful May evening, being welcomed by the Premier (who made the joke that on days like Saturday, weather was provincial jurisdiction… I’m such a bureaucratic dork that I laughed) and Rick Mercer, who I’m saddened to say, wasn’t nearly funny enough.

In addition to the gym training, I’m also going to give credit to the playlist I put together just before the run, which I’ll be posting on the “running playlists” page. It’s an assembly of a lot of the usual suspects, but sometimes re-ordering is all that’s needed.

Best of all, everyone I knew running the half and the one person running the full (that’s you, Sarah!) did so with what I can only imagine was elegance and grace (and chafing and sweating). I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of you.


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Congrats to you Lori!!

Comment by Joanne

Congrats Lori. However, that joke you mentioned about the weather was used by the Environment minister about three weeks ago at the Minto groundbreaking event. It looks like the premier is regurgiating federal jokes. How sad.

Comment by Shannon Gage

Oh man, that IS sad. The joke is BARELY funny on it’s own and definitely not as a recycled one (pun intended).

Comment by freshfish

LOL… I keep finding new chafing spots from my sports bra to add to the “oh so painful” ones on my inner thighs… on the bright side, the sneaky hidden ones don’t hurt… they just look NASTY!!!!

Comment by Sarah

Well done to all who ran and chaffed!

One of the many reasons I’m all about the swimming…

Comment by liz

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