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Vendredation Day
May 25, 2007, 6:26 am
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1. Dandelion Salad  – A few weeks ago, while lounging in my in-laws’ backyard, my lovely father-in-law suggested we have dandelion salad with our dinner and at the same time, clean up the lawn. I thought he was joking, being a suburban mangiacake and all, but at the same time knowing full well that he has designed his backyard so that it is almost completely edible – from cherries, to apples, tomatoes and herbs. So, I guess I wasn’t completely astounded when he picked himself out of his lounger and set off plucking the dandelion leaves from the backyard. Turns out, it was delish. Apparently, and not surprisingly when you think about, it’s rammed with all the good nutrients other dark leafy greens have. Since I had it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve seen it referenced in two other places including Rita Celli on Ottawa morning on Wednesday talking about her Italian-Canadian upbringing. That sealed the deal for me. I’m going public with it now.

This recipe for a dandelion salad is a bit more sophisticated than your garden variety (pun totally intended), but looks delicious!

2. A Fine Mess – With Fowl Language off-season, the grrls re-unite (with some summer players) to play beach volleyball. We just can’t get enough of each other, that’s what it comes down to. Instead of ordering t-shirts this time around, one of the “Hits & Giggles” founding team members offered to let us take advantage of her day job – as creative guru to kids and adults alike at A Fine Mess in Barrhaven. Six of us sat down for a couple of hours on Tuesday night to let our creative juices flow (or try to discover them for the first time) and learn how to control the gushing that is bubble paint. Regardless of what they looked like on the other end, it was much fun. Thank goddess it was too late for the kids so stories of recent scandalous engagement parties, littered with evidence that our bball team name “Fowl Language” remains accurate, could flow. They also offer beading, and really amazing canvas painting workshops. They also do scrap-booking (apparently reluctantly), but I’m hoping there are no scrap-bookers that read this blog (oh man, I suddenly got a chill and a sense that I’m going to bring on the wrath of the scrap-book mafia). 

3. Relax – It’s race weekend in Ottawa. Last year I did the half marathon, this year I’m hoping to finish the 10K. How much things can change in just one year! Some of you are running the 10K, others the half marathon and yet one other (SARAH!!) is going to rock the marathon. Having done two half marathons in the last year, I feel I’m in a position to provide some unsolicited advice (oh wait, I always feel like I’m in that position).

You’re head will play games on you – tell you that you can’t finish it because you’re tired, or hungry, or de-hydrated. Turn your head OFF. You’ve been training, you can do it, even if you have to walk it (you won’t, but if you have to let yourself off the hook to outsmart yourself, do it). Last year, I realized 2K into 21 that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I had been so hyper and was dancing around the apartment and left the breakfast on the counter untouched. I almost gave up because I thought there’s no way I could do it without having eaten anything. I was almost convinced. All of a sudden, rationality whacked me in the head and I realized that if I just kept running, I would be eating in two hours and that was fine. I went through a few other cycles – along the fatigue and thirst lines – and just had to keep coming back to that. Don’t let your head screw with you. Relax. Get there. I’m already proud of all of you…


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Thanks Lori…. I really needed that… my head is already starting to play games… surprise, surprise, coming from me eh? I’m just about to head out on my first run in a week (eeek!!!) to get my legs in gear for the early start time tomorrow. Good luck with your 10K today!!!! You will rock it out! See you Tuesday.

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