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Boys and their toys
May 23, 2007, 6:44 am
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For the past two years, it seems there’s been continuous construction on my walk to work, which is pretty remarkable considering I live on the same street that I work on, just eight blocks away. When one building is finished, another starts going up. In the middle of all the new construction, there are also those undergoing face lifts.

Here’s what is SO adorable: On any given morning with decent weather, there will be at least one, but up to four or five men standing at the gate of the construction site watching the construction workers and their machines, toil away. They just … stand there. While people are rushing by them to get to their offices as early as possible, so that they can leave as early as possible, these men just stand there and watch.

Makes me wonder how many men (and women, for that matter) I work with kind of wish they’d followed the dream they had when they were five and tonka trucks were the most important and wonderful things in the world, instead of giving into societal pressures and ending up at a desk.

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I would be one of those for sure!! Just took an extra long weekend to do back breaking work around the house – feel good – slept great – and, I feel that I actually accomplished something bigger than moving paper from one side of my desk to the other.

Comment by Joanne

Are you sure those men weren’t construction workers watching their colleagues? 🙂
I for one would like to have a group of people watch me work at my desk; lets make ‘high-performance workplaces’ the construction site of the future!
To answer your question: I was a construction worker for 8 years, and I do miss it sometimes, just not the sunburns… Damn Irish skin.

Comment by Ryan

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