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PSA: Highway Code Nuances
May 22, 2007, 6:34 am
Filed under: recommendations, travel

Turns out that wearing your seat belt is not enough. For those of you who find the seat belt’s height irritating on your neck and tuck the seat belt under your left arm for more comfort, you are committing a traffic offence. Not joking. Asked the cop if he was joking… twice. Not joking.

The fine? $110 AND two demerit points, which interestingly is the same amount of demerit points you get for not wearing your seat belt AT ALL. Didn’t seem to even occur to the man to give me a warning despite my stellar driving record and clear intention to follow the law.

Interesting that one receives the same punishment (perhaps not monetarily, mind you) for being unaware of the nuances of the law that you think you’re obeying as you receive for flagrantly disobeying the cardinal law altogether.

Oh, you better believe I’m going to go Matlock on their a$$es when I contest this punishment!

Too bad too, because it left such a sour taste in my mouth after a perfectly lovely long-weekend with my sister, grandmother and mother. Then again, Willy trying to attack him through the car window was sort of amusing. I think he was scared of him.


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