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Delayed Weekend Roll-up
May 17, 2007, 6:20 am
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Ladyfest’s Not Your Grandma’s Craft Sale was amazing. No fairy shirts though, as it would seem the trend has gone from mermaids, to fairies to antique-looking birds. I’ve been on every other of their bandwagons, and this one is no exception. The place was rammed by 10 a.m., clearly an indication that this sale has caught on and will continue to grow. In fact, some people in Mtl that I was speaking to later in the day/evening who are involved in the “independent designer” industry were well aware of it, knew others who had gone from Mtl and were regretting having missed it this time, promising to make the trip for the next sale.

But my first stop in Mtl was Chris and Sarah’s to meet their new, beautiful baby AidEn. True to form, by the time I got there at about noon, the entire house was spotless, freshly baked muffins lay on the kitchen counter and the nine-day old baby lay asleep in his mother’s arms. The very picture of serenity.

Come on now. Some people just have their sh*t together, you know?

I’m fairly certain that if and when I’m ever in the company of my own nine-day old, I will be in the middle of a room of turned over clothes and dirty diapers, crying, holding a crying baby, yelling at Husband for … anything I can think of at the time, while waiting for my pizza(s) to show up.

Fast forward to Saturday night (past the delish Iraqi dinner, unexpected shopping trip and METRO RIDE!!), we found ourselves at Club Petit Campus on Prince Arthur at St. Laurent for the long- (facebook) hyped Death Boat show. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into, only knowing that one of the Mtl boys, who is always so sweet and hospitable, was performing with his band (old band, new band, who knew?) and that everyone was ridiculously excited – like cold sweats, leg shaking, running-around-to-burn-the-anxiety excited. Would they make their 250-person target audience? Would the show be ridiculous, or actually… good?

Midnight rolled around and out they came amidst the crazy set design of James and Jen, all nine of ’em, dressed in a variety of pirate costumes and they bust into old-school heavy metal/punk tunes that they’ve written. No word of a lie, the music was amazing, and needless to say, I don’t really listen to that kind of music anymore (and when I did, I never went harder than Metallica, pronounced Mé… TALLICA). Still, the music was super catchy, the singing/screaming had the kind of endurance that Stephen Tyler could only dream about, and man alive, could these boys EVER perform. Hands down one of the top three BEST live musical performances I’ve ever seen – couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the entire show.

If they didn’t hit their 250 target, they came close. And those who were there, are now loyal, loyal fans. I know I b-lined it right for the merch table after the show to get a copy of the CD and I had to fight through people trying to get their very own (?!?!) Death Boat t-shirts.

Congrats boys – way to go out on a limb, take a chance, and kick ass doing it. Can’t wait for the next show!!

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