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Vendredation Day*
May 11, 2007, 6:10 am
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Sending out my thoughts to England today… it’s not going to be an easy day, but I’m hoping better than anticipated with memories and love from those nearest and dearest to provide some consolation during this time.  

Continuing on my “Trip in Themes” series, my first recommendation today is music based and is a new play list of UK’s “indie anthems”. You’ve probably heard a lot, if not most or all, before. “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” had me rockin’ out yesterday. And while “I Am The Resurrection” (Stone Roses) is a perennial favourite after my last trip to Mad-Manchester, for whatever reason, two of them are owning our lives right now – “Common People” (Pulp) and “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (Oasis). The former is just so damn catchy and the latter was the source of one of the best sing-a-longs I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of — 30-40 people (including the drunken groom), arms around each other in a huge circle, doing a slow can-can (not sure why that happened), and singing at the TOP of our lungs at our friends’ magical wedding (did I mention there was a one-man band during the cocktail hour?). Pity the bride missed it, but bride’s always have to miss something. For example, I missed my husband doing the limbo, which I still kind of don’t believe but enough people have mentioned it that either a) it did really happen or b) this vast network of co-conspirators needs to find hobbies aside from tricking me with semi-fascinating tales.

Update – how I wish I was watching this with them.

So slap that new play list onto your iPod and listen to you it as you make your way to the (semi-?) annual (goddess how I wish these were monthly) “Not Your Grandma’s Craftsale”, put on by Ladyfest. It’s being held at Jack Purcell off Elgin, starting at 10 a.m. Bring your cash to stock up on amazing baked goods, fairy t-shirts (my personal favourite), original art pieces and things you never even thought possible to create. It’s always a very energetic and uber-creative event. In fact, it’s so good, that I’m postponing my departure to Mtl until after I get my new fairy tee (and a latté with Maria, of course). 


*For my new UK readers (hi!!), the word “vendredation” is my invention or coining, combining the words Vendredi (Friday in French, but you probably already knew that) and recommendation.


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Party preparations are going well…just finishing off some marinades for the barbecue, setting up the gazebos, hanging fairy lights, finding batteries for bubble machines, polishing some cocktail glasses and preparing the set of 24 passports and flags that will form this year’s sweepstake. Yes we’re milking the airline steward theme from this year’s UK entry as much as humanly possible!!!

Wish you were here to join us tomorrow night. Pick a number from 1 – 24 if you’d like to be included in the sweepstake 😉

Either way, down a cocktail or ten and you’ll be with us in spirit if not in person 😉

Comment by liz

Copied over from my blog…based on your selection there of number 22:

You have selected…………………..


Their song is called “Shake it Up” and it is written and performed by Kenan Dogulu.

The bookies think this one has a reasonable chance and are offering odds of 25 – 1.

Here’s your ‘virtual supporter’s kit’, we’ll get someone to wave the flag on your behalf at the appropriate point in the evening.

Comment by liz

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