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Trip in themes: Face Painting/Promise Fulfilled
May 8, 2007, 1:46 am
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I’m taking a page from the book of the Tate Modern – no chronological order; rather, I’m going to be documenting my recent journey in themes. The first theme is a promise fulfilled in the wee hours of the morning, hopped up on whiskey, to the lovely lass beside me. That is, the demise of my face paint as a result of my incessant scratching and rubbing of it, as a result of my continuous forgetting about it, as a result of a combination of exhaustion, beer, wine and whiskey.

Update: Sorry, it’s come to my attention that I neglected to mention what the face painting was about. The England Bride’s cousin from California is an award-winning face painter, so after the wedding dinner and speeches, she busted out the face paints and we all lined up – bride, bridesmaids, and everyone else who was up for a little fun. The pics towards the end are the hotel pub after the wedding.

Enjoy them after the jump…

The application (10 p.m.*): 


First Rub (1:00 a.m.):

Second rub (1:30 a.m.):

Third Rub (2:06 a.m.):

Fourth rub (2:45 a.m.):

Fifth rub (2:46 a.m.):

Sixth rub (3:27 a.m.):

* All times are approximate.


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I can’t help but notice that as the time goes on there seems to be a general deterioration in your ability to focus on anything. How many whiskeys did you say you drunk? To think you pretended not to enjoy it!

Comment by Stuart

Lol! thanks for fulfilling the promise missus!

Photo journalism at its finest 😉

Stuart may have a point though…there does seem to be an all round deterioration after 2am…

Comment by 1iz

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