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Vendredation Day
April 13, 2007, 7:13 am
Filed under: general

Thank Goddess, I’ve slept!!

Last night I had the glorious experience of sleeping an entire seven hours. For a grrl who needs her sleep (as a general rule) but has been unable to secure no more than three hours at a time for the past week, this is indeed good news. I suppose it will also come as a relief to those who have to actually deal with me on a consistent basis. Remember what I was saying yesterday about being overly-emotional? Yup. Yikes. Sorry about that everyone.

I propose to use this abundance of energy today for the following: Every single little thing that goes wrong today, I am going to obnoxiously attribute to Friday the 13th. I predict that some people will come out of their superstitious closets, and if they’re not superstitious then they’ll get really irritated. I’ve noticed that nothing seems to ruffle the non-supertitious’ feathers like someone attributing anything to the irrational… right, Maria (she can’t help it by the way, she’s a Gemini)?

So that’s my recommendation for today: Get on each others nerves. Tee hee.


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