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Thanks to JJ
April 12, 2007, 7:28 am
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I’m over-tired. When I get over-tired, I get emotional. Like, really emotional.

So I’m over-tired and I have to walk to work in this g-d weather. I’m literally on the verge of tears… and then I see JJ. It’s been awhile since we had our morning walk-by (probably because I’ve been late getting to work because I’m so g-d tired). Usually we’re so delighted to see each other that we honour the occasion by removing our respective iPods and rant/curse jovially about something together. This morning, one look at JJ’s face brought me back from the brink of hysterics and made me burst out laughing. Why? Because she was that much more bitter than I. In fact, she looked distressed – the kind you read about as “cries for help.” For good reason, mind you. She’s been chirping that spring is around the corner for about two months now.

Anyway, she didn’t remove her iPod; in fact, she barely even slowed her pace. Over my Sarah Harmer-singing ear buds I could just hear her repeat “F*ck!”… over and over again as she glared at me intently. In case you don’t live in Ottawa, this is not the sort of outburst you usually hear on our generally civil (read: uptight) streets.

So, thanks JJ. Thanks for being that much more bitter at the weather than me, that it had to make me laugh. I hope you find someone who does the same for you.

On another note, I’ve been getting lots of hits from searches about a Spice Grrls reunion (assumingly because of this post). Is there something I should know about?


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I know what you mean.

The weather is causing all of Ottawa to act that way. This morning I was witness to a full-on road-rage incident, as in a guy driving frantically on the wrong side of the road, then getting out of his car at the red light and shouting at other drivers along the street.

It seems the foul weather has put everyone in s foul mood.

Chin up chicka, it has to end soon.

It seems the foul weather has put everyone in s foul mood.

Comment by Lola

K, you made me laugh miss lori … and laugh hard. I needed that!
I have on many occasions declared that spring was just around the corner. I thought that by saying it, it would just somehow come true. (I still have a child like mind I suppose – or maybe I watch too much sci-fi/fantasy and have a hard time grasping how real life really works?). It’s just that I have so many fun things to do this spring/summer so I’m chomping at the bit for it to arrive. Today, however, the snow just sucked the life right out of me!. The reality of another “winter” day in spring was just too real for me. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but say F-ck! (Out loud and many many times)

Comment by Joanne

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