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Oh, I’m bitter alright…
April 4, 2007, 7:44 am
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As promised, I’m back to my bitter self today.

Recently, I’ve been chatting with a few people about what one termed the “chaperone vibe” being felt when out at bars and clubs. In case you need clarification – that would be us as the chaperones to the much younger bar segment. The term-coiner would like to contend that it was a one-time thing and that I should not give in too quickly to what I considered, perhaps, our awakening to our new reality (i.e. that we’re old, or at the very least, aging). I promised I would, on his request, get a second opinion.

I got one yesterday afternoon while looking in the mirror.

Not only a second opinion, but also a third, fourth, fifth and even sixth. That’s right –  FIVE grey/white hairs sticking out of the top of my head. Do they have to defy the laws of gravity? Is that really necessary?


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your a hoot, old but still a hoot

Comment by jp

That should fix that problem. Do they let people with grey hair into bars and clubs? No more chaperoning for you. As a side note, remember thinking Ben 30 was old? Did I mention I have a kid?

Comment by Kevin Waghorn

Wow… Ben 30… I had completely forgotten about that, um, time?! Thanks for the reminder, I think. Doesn’t having kids make men younger? I thought that’s why my 40-50 yr old uncles keep having babies!

Comment by freshfish

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