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I beg to differ.
April 3, 2007, 7:33 am
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Yesterday’s Globe and Mail had this article on grown-ups “Facebooking.” I agreed with the first segment of it, which exposed the extent of people who fall victim to the addiction and the seemingly insane manifestations of the addiction. I’m living it. It speaks the truth.

The article then goes onto imply, however, that former high school cliques – especially those that run along the popular/unpopular parallel – are being rejuvenated, or sometimes reversed in an equally malicious and petty way. Given I am only speaking for myself and others that I’ve spoken to about the article, but personally, my experience has been quite the opposite. As some who’ve recently driven to Tremblant with me, and others who’ve been on the receiving end of some of my facebook messages will know, this experience has made me very, very sappy.

It gives me so much pleasure to look through people’s (note: not even those who were necessarily friends back in the day, or those that had been friends but then ceased to be for a variety of high school antics) profiles, because overwhelmingly they seem to be doing well. Given, this may be a self-selection bias and those not doing as well choose not to advertise, but I’m riveted (yes, riveted) nonetheless to see so many examples of how high school is rarely someone’s pinnacle and in fact, is often one of the deeper valleys.

To all of you out there who wonder what my motivations are for checking you out, know this: Chances are fairly high that I’ve thought about you over the years (I still have ADHD), wondered how you were and harboured some guilt over some thoughtless and immature action (or inaction). It’s taken me years to realize that some of the most interesting people that I’ve ever met are those I went to school with and it saddened me to have lost touch, especially for some of the lazy, short-sighted or immature reasons that served as the causes. I feel very fortunate to have the chance to re-connect and continue these relationships (though most of them will surely not evolve past Facebooking), including changing what was once doomed to be its eternal tone, with an adult’s perspective.

 Don’t say I didn’t warn you about how sappy I had become…

… back to bitter, sarcastic Lori tomorrow. I promise.


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Well said Lori. I feel the same way. It’s nice to see that high school was such a small part of people’s lives and to see how everyone moved on and grew up. And I agree about how everyone seems to be doing so well. Of course, as you said people won’t be advertising the bad stuff and would most likely not be on facebook if their lives are horrible but I think for the most part we all turned out pretty good. I wish more people from school were on, I’m very curious about everyone.

Comment by Kristin Fradette

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