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Don’t rush!
April 2, 2007, 7:41 am
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A funny thing happens when you get married. Your plans to re-populate the earth become open discussion for everyone. It’s fascinating. We don’t really mind (yet), but had a kind of interesting experience this weekend.

Out in Stitsville for the day to take in my nephew’s hockey game at the local arena, we were reminded of the intensity with which some parents attach to their children’s accomplishments. There is an array of reasons for this, some of them unharmful and loving, others more disturbing for sure. I couldn’t help wondering if we would be these parents one day – waiting around a stinky, dingy hockey rink for their pre-teen to emerge victorious or defeated from a game, slushie in hand. I never thought I’d see my sister doing it, but there she was, right in the thick of it. Unlike most, however, she has no idea whether her son’s team won or lost, but is accutely aware of how much fun he had.

After the game, my sister’s fiancé’s birthday was honoured by way of a good, old-fashioned, double-cake, “celebrate good times” birthday party. He’s in his early 40s, so naturally has a number of friends who have recently (or not so recently) had children, some of whom were in attendance that night (and thank goddess, none of whom were victims of Willy’s general distaste for children). As we could have predicted, once people, especially the parents, found out that we had just gotten married (“like a minute ago!” I kept saying), the conversation turned to kids.

The conversation progressed this way each time: Kids are amazing, sure we don’t sleep, but when they look up at you smiling at 4 o’clock in the morning, you don’t even care, etc, etc. Eventually though, each segment of unsolicited life advice (which, for the record, I never, ever turn down) ended with the following words, combined with what seemed to us anyway, a sense of desperation: Don’t rush.

Mixed messages? Maturity enough to handle the complex emotions of being a parent without being hypocritical? Not sure, probably because I’m too immature, but it sure gave us a giggle on the way home that night.


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Thanks Lo,
You forgot to mention the hockey mom outfit.
Thanks for coming and I am sure we will reverse the roles in due time.

Comment by Sister

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