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Still suffering…
March 28, 2007, 7:43 am
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This strained chest muscle is driving me NUTS. Do you have any idea how central it is?! I had never given it much thought but am now learning this little biological nugget of knowledge the (very) hard way.

I am currently incapable of doing the following activities without varying degrees of pain (discomfort to outright hysterics):

– Driving, and specifically, turning the wheel and checking blind spots;

– Bending over to tie my shoes;

– Turning over at night (and I’m a tosser, let me tell you);

– Breathing;

– Sneezing (discovered this one this morning and almost cried);

– Putting on and taking off clothes;

– Lifting almost anything.

Unfortunately, I am still fully capable of walking the dog and facebooking… and working. My life is currently a pity party, everyone’s invited, and just so you know, the phrase “no whining” is forbidden.


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it sounds so bad…:(

are you able to run? I’m thinking no…

Comment by lolablue

I love that you’re using the term “facebooking”. As in, to face book. You’ve successfully converted noun into a verb! Brava Lori! Brava!

Comment by Amy

Sucks that you can still work. Like, if you’re gonna have an injury, there should be benefits! Oh, just re-reviewed the list and it looks like you can still eat, so at least there’s chocolate and ice cream! Yummers. Hope your feeling better soon!

Comment by Joanne

Further clarifications – no, I cannot run and the half is now completely hopeless (if it wasn’t already); and yes, I can still eat… like a champ. Go Lean Crunch all the way!!!

Comment by freshfish

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