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Vendredation Day
March 23, 2007, 1:33 pm
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Last week’s solicitation for lobster recommendations was successful, so thank you for that. It turns out, however, that part of the appeal of Red Lobster is its campy value, so off we went to the RL on Merivale Road. It was St. Patrick’s Day so it wasn’t too busy, leaving us to wait only about 10 minutes, as opposed to what we warned would be almost 45 minutes. While it’s got that bulk-resto feeling that tries to be unique in that painfully-unaware-of-its-own-genericalness (I don’t really believe that’s a word, by the way) fashion, I can get over that. And I did. Besides the surroundings, our server was fantastic. So great that I worried that she was wasting her talent at RL; then I saw the bill, calculated her tip and declared her a very bright grrl indeed.

Husband got his lobster, which he devoured happily. The garlic butter was, unfortunately, a bust but they happily exchanged it mid-lobster for regular melted butter. I got hit in the face with flying lobster in the midst of the creature being… dismantled.  My Cajun salmon was alright although the additional shrimp on top were excessive, as are all of the portion sizes. But I didn’t get sick from, which was my indicator for a successful evening.

Thursday night was a going-away party for a friend from grad school who has accepted a job in Whitehorse, Yukon. Her venue of choice for such a monumental occasion: Black Thorn Cafe. Nice choice, Ms. P, nice choice. Such a lovely setting for a casual and fluid gathering of people. They served little appetizers for the group – bruschetta, chicken skewer, and a salmon on pita concotion. All of them were delicious and the company was wonderful. It was an opportunity for yet some more reuniting, as if wasn’t giving me enough people to reunite with this week!

We’re off to Tremblant for the weekend, keeping our fingies crossed for nice conditions. If not though, we’ve got an excellent back-up plan comprised of s’mores, beers and a hot tub! Hmm… skiing is all of a sudden sounding highly overrated.


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