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At that age…
March 22, 2007, 2:13 pm
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Yes, I am definitely at the age where weddings are a standard component of my social calendar. I happen to love weddings, so I’m not about to moan and groan about them as some seem to enjoy doing. Guaranteed meal and dancing and an excuse to get gussied up? What’s not to love?

Also, what comes with weddings are stagettes/bachelorette parties, and while one’s own is simultaneously thrilling and horrifying, planning others’ is endless fun. Yesterday, a fellow Fowl Language team member (who shall remain nameless since she just got a sweet new job at a central agency) and I went shopping for her friend’s stagette in Banff this weekend. The plethora of stagette paraphernalia was so overwhelming and  I’m certain that choosing between the phallic-adorned head piece or the regular (classy) “bride-to-be” tiara will  go down as one of her life’s great dilemmas.

And let’s be honest, while you go into these shops for these novelty items, it is understandably irresistible taking a little stroll through the rest of the store, if for no other reason than to expand your sense of what money-making possibilities are out there, and how innovative (and brave!) people are making the most of those possibilities! And that swing… fascinating.

But I digress.

In discussions with people planning and expecting stagettes, a few cardinal rules have become apparent. Firstly, there is a big, big difference between humiliation and sanctioned embarrassment. Secondly, the latter requires a certain degree of “good sportswomynship” and should be rewarded by not coming close to the former end of the scale. Thirdly, to effectively achieve a memorable evening, the bride-to-be must be (forcibly, if necessary) removed from her comfort zone. Let’s face it, we all need to do that now and then.

It is possible to have a low-brow – without being disgusting, respectable – without being snobby and lame,  good time. It’s what my friend Meby and I have been talking about as making “classy” accessible. Right, Mebs?

As a sidebar, is there something in the air today that is inspiring this theme?

Classy bride-to-be on Crescent Street


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