ms. fresh fish

Baskets to Nets
March 15, 2007, 2:16 pm
Filed under: ottawa, Sports

I kind of cheated on Fowl Language last night. Well, not cheated. After all, we’re on a break and I think that Ross and Rachel cleared up that whole grey area, right?

Husband’s ball hockey team was short a grrl last night, so in I stepped, heroically, to save the day… or at least stand there to provide some obstacle for the other team. I was a bit nervous about the game having seen the state of several sets of calves and shins after facing opposing teams with angry hockey sticks and heard horror stories of people losing teeth. I wasn’t going to let my fear stop me though, and so I padded myself up with shin pads and soccer socks and a healthy dose of ignorant courage.

Within THIRTY SECONDS a member of the opposing team had slid on a stick end (which are evidently very slippery), ending up in the splits and on the way, twisting his knee. Several popping sounds were heard by nearby witnesses. Poor guy writhed in pain for a few minutes before crawling/pulling himself out of the gym to wait in the lobby for someone to take him to the hospital.

State of FreshFish: checking for any inconspicuous exits while courage dwindles.

Given that there was no chance Husband was going to let me wimp out, I ended up playing, getting progressively braver, for the whole game. The highlight for me was assisting Husband’s goal. Now I can make all sorts of smart ass remarks about how he’s nothing without me and owes that goal to me and so on. You get the vibe.

Overall verdict – ball hockey (with shin pads) is pretty fun. I may even be able to be convinced to go out for another round.


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