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The In-Laws
March 13, 2007, 7:29 am
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Husband and I are both very lucky. Unlike many, many others, we both not only dutifully love each other’s mothers, but we actually like them too! In fact, mama-in-law and I like to joke about how everyone assumes we resent each other – me being a mungy-cake (classic “Canadian” who eats things like hot dogs, margarine on toast and kraft dinner… mmm… now I’m hungry) and she being, well… an Italian mother-in-law (judging by the number of unsolicited sympathetic looks I often receive, I’m assuming there is no elaboration required). We’ve stopped bothering trying to tell people they’re wrong. There’s no point, they won’t believe us.

So, Husband’s mama came to town on Saturday morning and we spent three lovely days together. We usually see each other over the hustle and bustle of a holiday season in his family’s energetic home north of Toronto, so the three days of relative relaxing was a wonderful step out of the ordinary. We had a similar experience with his sisters (one half of Team Sister) this past summer that I hope will be re-created this summer (DJ D – are you listening?!).

An important lesson lies within both of these experiences for me: It’s just amazing what you can get to know about a person (and what they can dig up about you) when you change up the venue and add a dash of wine.  We had a great time wandering around the city, relaxing at home, taking in the arts scene (hit both the National Arts *), cooking together (she’s much more fun to cook with than Husband!) and sharing desserts whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself!

And as for Papa-in-law, who is awesome (I could write a whole other post on him…), I wish him a happy birthday today. He’ll probably never see this message, but goodness knows that’s never stopped me from sending warm e-vibes out before!!


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I hear ya SIL….consider it a done deal…GET THERE!!

Comment by DJD

It is nice when life does not resemble the stereotype… and it’s great to join a family, not just get relatives through marriage. Congrats.

Comment by jaquette

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