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And that’s a wrap
March 8, 2007, 7:26 am
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Another season for Fowl Language (basketball team extraordinaire) has come to a close, and we went down in a blaze of glory, let me tell you. Yet again having the misfortune of playing an unnecessarily aggressive team who insisted on confusing our recreational league with their other competitive leagues. Oh the joys. Oh the technicals.

But alas, I know that my team is counting on me not be bitter (so I’ll pretend) and focus on the positive (so I’ll try to remember but encourage other FL players to fill in the blanks if they can remember any). Here’s what I remember as being fun last night:

– Captain Yvonne (with sidekicks Raf and Klaus) screaming not so subtle sarcastic jabs at how happy we were to have joined the competitive league or to just have fun, because that’s what we’re there for (other team seemed not to hear her, it was remarkable). If you don’t know Yvonne, the beauty of the whole spectacle is that she has the sweetest, most adorable voice coming out of this blond, fair-skinned angelic face. If you weren’t listening to the words, you’d think the was pontificating on the beauty of a warm spring meadow. Listen closer, and you’ll be privy to one of Ottawa’s true masters of sarcasm and razor wit. If you’re on the receiving end of the jab, however, be prepared to cry so sometimes it’s better to tune out and picture that meadow she’s rappin’ about.

– We scored first and last, and that’s about it.

– The best arms of the team, Ms. Mel¬†Friesen, scored the last basket of the season, for which I think there should now be a prize for at the end of the year. While we’re at it, I think I’d give her M.I.P. too.

– Karen, our team jester (thank goddess), comforting us at the beginning of the second half with her assertion that the court was sloped and that we’d been playing the first half uphill! Too bad downhill didn’t work for us either.

– This one I remember very clearly: The realization of how very dear our friendships have become and how important these team members are to me.

From bball to Zaphod’s Beeeblebrox for my friend Arne’s band’s (Universal Habit) CD release party. They had a wicked set and as always, Arne wailing away on the drums is a sight to behold and, in my opinion, worth any entry fee.

Finally, due to the weather, I have officially publicly declared and diagnosed myself as 100%, absolutely, completely, miserable.


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