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Shower of Fun!
March 5, 2007, 7:03 am
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Yesterday morning, a couple of yuppies from Ottawa re-united (formerly co-bridesmaids) for a trip to Mtl to partake in our dear friend’s very first baby shower. The central friend, Sarah, lives in Lachine with her hubby (the smart ass yet undeniably awesome) Chris in a wonderful home that they have spent a couple of years renovating, touching up and decorating. The result is what us two yuppies consider one of our very favourite homes-away-from-homes.

One more former co-bridesmaid had driven nine hours from Bathurst, and in her exhausted state was still able to regale us with tales of adventures on HER snowmobile that made us all want to go visit her. Apparently, you can snowmobile four hours into the forest to find a lodge that serves the famous (in Northern New Brunswick, anyway) Danny Burgers. I swear she made it sound appealing. Plus, she’s got a two-seater so she could drive. And never mind all the whales they get in those parts!

After a little reunion in their mid-renovated kitchen, we headed out to the real shower. While everyone was piling down the driveway to get in their respective cars, Grandma-to-be (and former surrogate Mama of mine while growing up) noticed the license plate on my rental car (a Yaris, a fabulous Yaris): AYDN 382. Take a guess at what Sarah and Chris’s baby son has already been named. Yup, Aiden. Chills.


The second installment of our tour through the ‘burbs yesterday was nothing less than magical for two womyn who wake up to the sounds of traffic, battle street lights, angry pedestrians and drivers all day only to go home to our little apartments. Sarah’s sister-in-law and birthing coach (?) threw an incredible shower, and for one of my first baby shower experiences, it has set a very important standard.

Showers have sushi. Who knew? Thank goddess it wasn’t all contemporary food though, because man were we ever craving some little sandwiches (we’re yuppies, we haven’t had white bread in years!). We were not disappointed. The desserts were also phenomenal. After a saddening conversation towards the end about unexpected deaths, we all felt very much entitled, and even obligated, to indulge in one… more… piece… of … cake. Guess whose idea that was? But seriously, the hostess was inspiring. There was a constant provision of refreshed food and coffee and drinks, with not a trace of stress on her face. Obviously led to all sorts of feelings of inadequacy.

The games were nuts. That’s the only way to put it. I had to play them though, you see, because I have an ongoing battle with New Brunswick bridesmaid. We threatened, plotted and miserably failed to beat each other out for the bouquet at Sarah’s wedding (of course I’m the only one that looks CRAZY in the photos), but then reconciled when we cut Sarah’s cake for her (and redeemed myself in the photo category – I look nice in that one, ironically considering at the time I’m shamelessly stealing that moment from my dear friend, but I digress…). So, Lisa and I were about to enter round two – the baby shower.

The first game was a wash, partly because Lisa could not stomach engaging. Apparently dipping your spoon into ten different containers of baby food (that five other womyn have dipped their spoons into), and then guessing the nasty flavours, didn’t do it for her. Fair enough, she had a sinus headache. I guessed squash for three of them (and apple-squash for one?), but alas, forgot about creamed corn so lost out.

While she thought that one was gross, she was up for a surprise. The second one entailed guessing the chocolate bar. By smell, you ask? By taste, you hope? No. By looking at the chocolate bar melted into a diaper. I beat her on that one (although I do admit I had a support team of two to help me).

Next round: Aiden’s first birthday (my guess: May Day) – Pin the Tail on the Donkey. She’s going DOWN. Although, her profession as a grade five teacher does give her several advantages for her training regime for the next 14 months or so.

The day was truly lovely though, all of our antics aside. Sarah, the glowing mama-to-be surrounded by people who love and adore her. The thoughtfulness of the presents that people came up with truly showed how much she means to everyone and how much we appreciate how much she does for everyone else around her. As we two yuppies reflected on the drive back to Toronto, we felt happy. So very happy. Our friend is happy, so happy. What else can you ask for? Actually – one thing. No colic.  PLEASE no colic.

I can’t wait to meet that little baby. And no, I did NOT touch her stomach, just spoke at it.


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Lovely story. Sounded like a hectic day…for a baby shower!

Comment by Daphne

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