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Vendredation Day
March 2, 2007, 7:25 am
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If I had to capture this week in one word, it would be “sandwiches”. And that, my friends, means it was a delicious week.

Before I get to those though, a few other recommendations:

Tired? Winter Blues? Insatiable Hunger? Try Greek on Wheels for delivery! The food is very good, reasonably priced and I swear they are at your door before you’ve even hung up the phone. There is a trick to ordering though – instead of the souvlaki platter, get the marinated chicken breast platter. As far as I can tell, it’s the same marinade, but triple the chicken and the same-ish price. Also, definitely order a side of spanakopita and some baklava for dessert. Delish.

My friend Meby had me meet him at Ceylonta on Sunday night for a tea and life guidance session (you see, I’m his surrogate big sister, right Mebs?). Unfortunately, eating was not an option as time was too tight and Husband decided to get romantic and cook something nummers. When I say “unfortunately”, I can’t tell you how much I mean it. The aromas eminating from that kitchen were so tempting, it was all I could do to not commit myself to two dinners and just go for the gold. Instead, we were there for tea. Special sweet chai that has a particular sweetening ingredient that I’m sure all you culinary types know all about. I prefer not to name it, or research it, or even try to re-create it at home – because that, to me, would take away from it. Despite the fact that it took them over a half hour to actually bring us the tea, it was amazing. The starbucks-type chai’s are only vaguely reminiscent of this cup of loveliness. I’m so excited to go back for some more, and a side of gulab jamun!

Now for the sandwiches.

I’m not sure why this hasn’t been mentioned on FFD before, but La Bottega sandwiches are probably one of my favourite things about this city. They’re cheap, fast, fresh and delicious. I like the prosciutto, provolone, dijon and spicy eggplant (I’ve been training my taste buds to appreciate this condiment, and it’s finally stuck!) on a soft bun. Incroyable and definitely worth the trip into the Market. If you haven’t been to this shop before, it’s also a great place to get some key grocery staples.

Gooney’s, on Laurier in between Kent and Bank, is a new-found treat in Ottawa’s business district. It’s also somewhat of a “choose your own adventure” type sandwich. They give you some basic combinations and you build from there. They are generous with the deli meats and the toasting effect is quite nice. I’m definitely going to be heading back for one of their salads. Again, “choose your own adventure”, but big portions with lots of ingredient choices. And, while I at first scoffed at the guitar player in the corner, he actually kind of started to grow on me.

Don’t believe me on these little tips? Check out the “Best of Ottawa” from the Ottawa xPress, where it would seem all of my recommendations today can be found!

Tonight: Eats & Beats at Mercury Lounge from 7-10 ($8 cover). Hope to see you there!


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