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Closed Captioning
March 1, 2007, 7:36 am
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As I mentioned earlier, training for the half marathon is now in full effect. The last two I ran were culminations of outdoor training. This time, I’m trying out the indoor training. Some argue that the treadmill is easier on the knees, plus I’m able to switch it up between the treadmill and the elliptical, which is good for my ADD.

All this has meant that I watch a lot of TV with closed captioning – or the sub-titles used for people who are hard of hearing/at the gym with their iPods on. I imagine a room of typists frantically trying to capture every word fast enough that it doesn’t run into the commercial break. Accuracy sometimes falls by the wayside, which is always entertaining (such as when the Juno’s were written out as the “Jew Nose” – I imagine someone got fired for that one) and keeps me intrigued.

It’s also come to be a very interesting way for me to watch shows. I don’t watch American Idol at home, but it’s often on at the gym, so I deem my favourites by everything but their voices (by the way, is Blake the same guy that was on So You Think You Can Dance?). Last night, several fellow gym-rats were really into Lost. We rented Season One on a random weekend, got through the first few episodes but just couldn’t get into it.

Here were some of the questions that I was posing in my head last night, which surely would not have been considered had I had the sound of dialogue and music to distract me, and surely would drive the avid Lost fan right up the wall:

– Why is that guy still 300 pounds if he’s been on a desert island for what, like 7 years, now? Even the characters on Survivor half themselves after 30 days. 

– How does the little skinny blond guy keep his highlights kept up? Is it an organic product made of coconut and banana leaves? How often does he have to touch-up his frosted tips?

– How does the snarky blond guy (I’m assuming he uses the same product as the other blondie) keep his beard so perfectly trimmed?

– Is the pretty Canadian grrl (not Canadian on the show) pregnant? If so, is she supposed to be pregnant on the show, or is she pregnant on the show and not in real life? Please clarify.

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K, I don’t understand people who can’t get lost in Lost!
Fat Guy – Hurley: He’s had a food stash, so has been snacking steadily. Also, they’ve only been on the island for like 40 days. Also he has a slow metabolism.
Skinny Guy – Charlie: He’s a freakin hobbit – so has magical powers.
Snarky blond guy – Sawyer: Don’t Touch Him! I love Sawyer! He’s like candy to me!
Canadian Girl – Kate: Not pregnant in real life nor on the show? (although just recently made out with Sawyer). Need to get your eyes checked Lo!
Lost Rules!

Comment by Joanne

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