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Consequences of Snowboarding
February 26, 2007, 7:39 am
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Friday night reservations at Beckta had to be cancelled at the last minute as my headache from snowboarding on Thursday evening got progressively worse. What was to be a lovely evening of delicious food and great wine by some gussied-up newlyweds (by the way, how long do we get to keep that title?) quickly descended into therapeutic bathing, baggy pyjamas, Greek on Wheels and bed by 9:30.

Saturday morning, thinking the worst of the pain would be over, I jumped out of bed to answer the phone only to be shocked at the pain in my neck. My neck!??! I was expecting legs. In fact, my teacher Lael, warned me about my calves and tailbone, neither of which have made a single peep since the first night.

Still this morning, a full 3 and a half days later, I have pain in the following locations: neck, shoulders, chest and forearms.

I guess that means I wasn’t doing it properly, eh? The board is supposed to be strapped to your hands, right?

Still can’t wait for the next time!

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K, I’m back.
Had a stiff neck as well from the head bash at the bottom of the run, but was ok by Saturday. My tail bone bashing has taken a little longer to feel better. It’s mostly ok now – but on Friday and Saturday I was walking like an old lady, which is ok, ’cause in Florida I fit right in!
I’m actually still ready for another snowboarding experience even though my toes were just in the ocean a few days ago (Spring is sooo close).
Talk to you tomorrow!

Comment by Joanne

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